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[gellatine]China News Agency, on May 26 (super) United Nations Environment Program Executive Director Yingny Annno held the World Environmental Judicial Conference held in Kunming, Yunnan, on the 26th, introduced to the guests of the Council through video connection△◇, Chinas highest In 2014, the peoples court established an environmental resource trial court●▽▷. The courts at all levels of China also established more than 1,000 environmental resource trial agencies. She said that the United Nations Environment Program will continue to work with the Supreme Peoples Court of China to strengthen the trial work of illegal acts involved in environmental resources. Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread the world○▪. Yerian Anno said that the tragedy caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not the biggest threat facing humanity, if n.

Original title■☆◇: Women are not willing to fertility? Lin Yong: It is recommended that men also have a false father or expect to usher in their own maternity leave▲◁▲. Recently, the National Peoples Congress▷▼, Vice President of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Economics◁○▪=, Professor, South China Normal University, Bo Guolin▪▷, is a full media Beijing live news, sharing the recommendations brought by this two○▪◇: Men and women go on vacation. Lin Yong found that herself is often crimped on the issue of “who will bring children”, which has also become an important factor affecting peoples willingness. He said that men and women are both an embodiment of men and women. It is also conducive to the growth of children…●-•, and parenting will cultivate their patience□◇•=, care and love. Scholars in the field of economics, Lin Yong also put forward its own views on the talent training in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao District. “wa!

Original title•◁: (two conferences) 歼 20 chief designer Yang Wei representative: Construction of information communication platform Cross the fusion of military and civilian integration supply and demand “Gang●★○•” Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 6 (Reporter Wu Wenzhen) This years government work report proposed, “in-depth Implementing military and civilian integration development strategy○▲=-, deepening national defense technology industrial reform. -□”The National Peoples Congress representative□▷○, Yu 20 chief designer Yang Wei said on the 6th that local governments should actively build the government-led information communication platform, create more opportunities for communication…▲■. Inspire both sides, gradually expand the field of military and civilian integration, and cross the military and civilian integration ☆□”gap”. Yang Wei suggested that it is necessary to further open private enterprises to participate in channels and construction information sharing mechanisms. Under the premise of ensuring confidentiality, improve the national military and civilian integration public service platform, and joint conference system and other platform.

Original title○…◆•: How does Guangdong, Macau Dawan District land? Nearly 120 National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference proposal, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference○▼, and Chairman of Guangdong★…●△, Hong Kong, Macao District Entrepreneurs◆□☆▲, Chairman▼△, Chairman, Cai Guan Shen, Reporter, Zhang Xiling●▲, Beijing report, rolling the Pearl River, southeast into the sea◁○, over 10 million…◁★, shocking a 5◆==◆.6 Trigao plains in Wan Square. Guangzhou△-••, Guangzhou, picking Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan★◆▷, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, along with Shenzhen△▼◁, Dongguan▲•◁□, Huizhou. The 9 cities surrounded the big bay at the edge of the South Continent of the motherland◁□◁. In this bay…▪●◇, there are two majestic special administrative regions that are close to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau, which are close to Zhuhai. The Daxle Triangle “9 + 2” constitutes a Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Bay area, with a total population of 66.72 million. This bay area has more volum. fish collagen peptide allergy liquid collagen organicAbout Us different kinds of gelatin collagen peptides canada,