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[protein engineering in industrial biotechnology.pdf]Original title: Foshan City…★○○: Establishing the Executive Review Trial Quality Lifelong Responsibility System One Dynamism Life is responsible for recently, the Guangdong Foshan Commission for Discipline Inspection has announced the “Interim Measures for the Quality of Quality of the Quality of the Foshan Commission Supervision” ( “Measures”). In the future, if there is an obsession and trial quality issue, whether or not the relevant responsible person has left the original unit, whether it has been retired■=-, it is necessary to investigate its quality responsibility according to law. The “Measures” are 5 chapters……, which is clear, and the discipline review of the auditors in the implementation of the supervision and discipline accountability and supervision of the investigation office, violating Party regulations and laws and regulations◇★, or serious work is seriously irresponsible. The behavior of adverse effects or serious consequences will be identified as the quality of obeying the auditor. Specifically, the quality of the discipli.

Source: Author: Rice 2018 college entrance examination enrollment has already entered the admission stage▼◇■△, but the 4 parents in Henan are still talented by the childs college entrance examination. Recently, a self-media article ▽…”four parents questioned candidates to answer the examination card package◆▽, discipline committee involved in the prosecutor real name report”, in the circle of friends: 4 parents from Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Zhoukou★△, said that childrens college entrance examination scores this year With the previous results•□=■, the estimation is serious after the college entrance examination; they suspect that the childs answer card is called, and real names report to the discipline inspection supervision department to report the relevant person in charge of the Henan Provincial College Entrance Examination Enrollment Office “Abuse of the power, organizational examination cheating△•◆, internal and external collusion.△=” At 8 oclock that night, the Henan Provincial Department of Education issued a notification, which is aimed at “the parents of individual candidates question the candidates”.▽-.

Original title: Point Point President Chairman Sixth Era – List the Top Protection of Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese Conference Hoophoa Reporter Ye Xiaonan Pan Xu Tao Lu Zehua Li Wei ★□”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 13, 2018) National Political Consultative Conference The 13th meeting was held in Beijing, and 35 overseas overseas Chinese from 25 countries were invited. Among them, there are both old overseas Chinese colleagues who are high in the local Overseas Chinese, have a broad representative of Chinese new generations full of ideas and vitality, and courageous. Many of them have seen the chairman of Xi Jinping overseas, △◇▼”Point President Chairman” is their common voice. In the past few days, the reporter interviewed some overseas overseas Chinese in the group, listening to them, and Xi Jinping Chairm▲•.chicken collagen factory supply fish collagen peptide gelatin hydrolysis,