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Pure collagen twinlab maxilife chicken collagen type ii beef gelatine halal,[what”s the difference between collagen and gelatin]Original title: China Air Force mixed formation flying over the palace ancient strait Niki auto-lifting [Observer Net Army Works / Wang Shi pure] March 23 After flight to the Pacific Ocean□▽, the Japanese Self-Defense Team dispatched the F-15J fighter to follow the military plane△◇■. In this announcement, the self-defense team once again used the “estimated fighter”, according to Japans report habits▼□•, ◇-☆•”estimates” said that the self-defense team failed to shoot the opponents clear picture, which may mean a more intense motorization in the process of confrontation. confrontation. According to the publication released by the Japanese Curtain Monitor, the Chinese Air Force Unit of the Temple Strait on March 23 included 4 -6-type bomber□★, 1 mount -8 electronic countermers and 1 ◆•.

Original title Korean Media▪◁-: Beijing Seoul will build “Dust Hotline” to improve the air quality reference news network on March 20th, Korean media said that Seoul and the Beijing Municipal Government will be appointed and appointed the secretary of the company to exchange these two capital cities□■. Situation, officials call it ▷=☆▲”Dust Hotline▪▼”◆•. According to HUONO, January 19th, Seoul – Beijing Cooperation Committee held two years, During the meeting, Seoul Mayor Pu Yuanwei agreed to establish an air quality Joint Research Group to reduce dust••. According to the report, the two parties agreed to regularly hold the air quality forum and turned turns to organize the municipal government officials. Officials said that as part of the agreement○□, Seoul will host a seminar on how to reduce dust and volatile organic compound on the 20th. Repo.

Original title: China Auto Industry Association: There is a bottom gas relative to limit tariff reduction is a challenge is a challenge•-■■. The source of China is more opportunities: Chinas voice “News” report: 10th, President Xi Jinping is in the Boao Forum 2018 annual meeting The above proposes, to relax foreign shares as soon as possible, especially the foreign capital restrictions on the automotive industry•■●…, and significantly reduce car import tariffs•◆▼. There is an automotive industry to refer to itself to ▽□”flatness☆▷▪□”●◁◆. What challenges and opportunities will the China Auto Industry will usher? With the opening of the reform and opening up, Chinese car companies have chosen the roads of Sino-foreign joint ventures=◇▲★, and they have born Dongfeng Honda★■, Shanghai Volkswagen●▪△…, FAW Mazda, these everyone familiar with the car joint venture brand. During the national two sessions this year, the governments work report pointed out that the car, pa.