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Gelatin capsule collagen powder drink,[plant gelatin]Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) A study released on the 27th of the University of Bristol, England▽■, said that women who smoke during pregnancy may increase the risk of congenital heart disease. The international team led by the school has conducted detailed analysis of relevant maternity and health data of more than 230,000 families in Europe. The researchers evaluated the effects of mothers physical quality index, smoking•…☆, alcohol intake on the risk of future generations in congenital heart disease▽▲●. Relevant results have been published in the “Magazine of American Heart Society-▪”. The results show that children who have smoking during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from the priority heart disease. Research also found that wom.

Original title○◆▼…: [Solutions] On this bone, the United States actually approved the “berite desk…-●” topic to Taiwans sale of submarine technology in a period of time▪•◇◇, and was heated. On the 7th, the Taiwan authorities confirmed that the US government has approved the marketing license for Taiwan to sell submarine manufacturing technology to the US manufacturers. A group of •△”Taiwan independence” people who want to hold a US thigh is excited, saying that Taiwan finally does not have to fear the mainland threat■△▪◇. Is the fact now? Islandier wants to say, no matter which angle★▷▽, this is too true. Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has fully explained issues. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs••=: We noticed the report. A Chinese principle is the political foundation of Sino-US relations☆=•●. China resolutely opposes the official Territory official exchange and a US warrior, this position is consistent, clear★=…, t-△▪◇.

Xinhua News Agency, March 27, China Peoples Political Consultation Conference Articles of Conference, before and after the revision of the Chartered Contents, the first natural section of the Charter of the Charter of the Chinese People In the long-term revolution and construction process◆…◆, the Chinese Communist Party leaders, there are Democratic Parties, no party, peoples groups, minority people and patriots from all walks of life▪◆, constructor of all socialist workers, socialist careers, to support socialism patriots and support for the unified patriots of the motherland, Including the most extensive patriotic united front of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region◁△=, Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese☆☆▪△. After the revision□☆◇, the first natural section of the Charter of the Charter of the Chartered China has formed a Chinese Communist Party in the long-term revolution▽▷, construction, reform proces gelatin description! animal protein producers industry appi protein drinks industry report