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[china food grade gelatin]Weibo screenshot @ Peoples Daily▼•: [Peoples micro-evaluation□◁: the mountains moved to the child] The homework is not finished●□…, how does it have time to scull★☆? If you lose your year◇□, you can get the weight, the more you have●□, and your child is panting◁■◁▷. It is difficult to reduce it■◆, it is difficult to find the root source. Such as headache medical head pain medical foot or saw arrow healing, it will not be negative. If the burden is not shouting, the mountains have been moved away◆◁▼▪, etc▲▼=…., etc▪▪…○.△◇, etc-▲. Editor in charge: Zhang Yili.

China News Agency▪◁●☆, Shenzhen May 28 (Zhu Yi) Shenzhen Stock Exchange (“Deep Exchange”) issued a report on the 28th, Shenzhen, 24th to 28th, held the 2021 member meeting. The General Assembly put forward the promotion of unprofitable corporate listing systems, in order to steadily promote the creation of the whole market registration system, give full play to the companys hub function, better service economic high quality development. The General Assembly was held in a non-live manner, and 119 member units represent their disciples•★, and the relevant issues were voted through the online voting mode and suggested suggestions on the market construction of the Shenzhen Exchange▼▽★. The meeting considers the work report through the Shenzhen Exchange Board of Supervisors. The General Assembly believes that the Board of Supervisors is based on the supervision of this bid, innovation supervisi◁-•△.

This morning★★, Chaoyang District◁●▷, the visibility near the Red Scarf Park. (Shot: Old Ghost John) China Weather Network News According to Beijing City Warning Center★=◇, Beijing Meteorological Observatory today (28th) 35 points release dust blue warning signal◇▪-, affected by the upstream dust weather, is expected 28th There is a dusty weather◁•□▷, the visibility is low, please pay attention to prevention. At the same time, this is also the first dust premium warning this year•○. According to the National Environmental Protection Department, the current Beijing air quality is severe pollution, the first pollutant is PM10, the concentration is 1181 micrograms / cubic meters. Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast: Today▲□•○, mild to moderate day, accompanied by floating dust, north to Dongfeng two or three, the highest temperature 25 ° C; night is cloudy▲◇△□, Northeast Winds, 9 ° C, minimum temperature 9 ° C•▼-. Air heavy pollution orange and dust blue warni!

Original title: Takeaway platform response information leak•▽■☆: has been alarm, will investigate the US group, hungry△▲■•, said a number of measures have been taken to protect user information security◁◁■; involving the sale of takeaway information QQ group still has not closed “Takeaway delivery information is referred to in online sale “Tracking the Beijing News Yesterday△◆=▪, the report is reported yesterday, exposing multi-takes platform user information is leaked-○, online sellers, takeaway riders sell takeaway order customer information☆▷. Yesterday, the takeaway platform US group responded that the information disclosure has been reported to the police; another take-selling platform is hungry, it is▲◇…•, it is fully investigated. US Mission-•: Do your best to protect user information security in response, US group said that the US group takeaway is highly valued by the users information being sold•■. At present▪▪…▪, the verification investigation of relevant information has been launched, and it has been reported to the police. Thank you for the supervision of media and user□…★△.

China New Network May 27th◇▲◇, the Taiwan “Mid-Time Electronics▷▽▪” report, the “Popular Epidemic Command Center▷○◇◁” on the 27th announcement of the new 405 cases of new coronary pneumonia○-●, 401 cases, and 4 cases Enter a case▲-=•; another correction is returned to 266 cases of local cases, with a total of 671 cases. 13 cases of death cases were added in the diagnosis case. “Command Center” said that the new 401 cases of local cases were new, including men, 211 women◇▼, aged at least 5 to 100 years old, and on April 26, 2021 to May 26 The case is the largest number of 177 cases in New North, followed 130 in Taipei, Taoyuan . how much does gelatin cost protein food industry Gelatin capsule gelatin chemical formula reviewed taste fish collagen peptides,