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[bovine collagen peptides vegetarian]Original title: China “God” is added “Blade”, and the FAST patrol capacity will greatly enhance the “galaxy-□” and then add the edge. On March 25△●, the reporter learned from the early Scientific Data Center that as the 19 beam receiver is about to put into use, the FASTs patrol capacity will greatly enhance•○•, and the super data generated will bring severe test to the FAST early scientific data center. However, this completely does not have to worry, the early Scientific Data Center will invest tens of millions of yuan to purchase hardware and expand the data center▽▼▲◇. Fast patrol a circle★☆▲▷, the time is around 20 days. Usually▲△…•, a fiber optic line captures the massive data captured from Pingtang Dado to Guizhou Normal University outside of Guizhou Normal University. National Observatory and Guizhou Normal Universi••■□.

China New Network reported that the Argentine Chinese network reported that the local time on the morning of the local time…★▽, a gunman robbed a Chinese supermarket in Pisal◇△●★, Argentina, and escaping in the beating shop. According to the police news, the incident occurred at 9▲◆…◇:30 am on the 27th, and the supermarket just opened the door. A gangster broke into the supermarket and threatened the 37-year-old Chinese owner and a 28-year-old female employee◆=, snatched about 5,000 peso cash and two apple phones. It is reported that the gangsters use the gun to beaten the main head of the store before escaping, causing the lack of scalp being cut. Then•▼, the gangster fled the scene. According to witnesses around▪▷, there is another riding motorcycl.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing April 2▲☆, IQ■▽◁: Chinas additional customs of the United States will return to Xinhua News Agency in Jiaoxin, there is also a list of products for US 232 measures◇□, China , For 7-category 128 imported goods that are originally produced in the United States. Analysts pointed out that China will be described as a reasonable counterattack after the first gift. If the United States continues to be alone, the Chinese will hit. Beauty severely violates the Chinese interests=•, and has a very large outflow to increase the taxation list of 120 imported commodities such as fruit and products in the Chinese side▲●▽, and 8 imported goods such as pork and products. The certificate tax rate is 25%. According to 2017◆★•◆, the US is involved in the US $ 3 billion in the US▽○●.▼■…▪.