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[protein bar health industry news]Henan trade unions continuously improve the capacity and level of service overalls○◆▼, service grassroots, service workers [Struggling Centennial Road Qihang New Journey Trade Union Work Tour] Leading employees to promote the main military reading of the rise of Central Plains to read the Henan trade union to maintain employee rights as basic responsibilities•■, With the power of deepening the reform and innovation, continuously improve the capacity and level of the trade union organizes the service overall situation, the service base, service employees, and do a new year of the new era of Henan union work. Hundred Years Vichang Road, struggle to build Huazhang•▼. Standing in Zhengzhous Erqi Tower◁▲△, always showing the unique position in Henans industrial transportation in the history of China. Under the leadership of the party★◆■, September 18, 1925, totaling in Henan Provin.

Zhongxin◁•■△.com Guiyang May 28 (Reporter Zhang Wei) Reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Senior Peoples Court on the 28th that 2020 have been sentenced to 795 sentences in Guizhou Province. In order to better grasp the overall situation of the Chinese court telecom online crime case, find the focus of the next step, Guizhou Provincial High Court has completed the investigation of Telecom online crime cases in the province▲☆○•. According to the investigation report, there were 503 people in the Guizhou Provincial Court of 2020 to collect telecommunications network fraud crimes○◁, and 234 pieces of 539 people (including old deposits); 327 pieces were accepted from January 1 to May 24, 2021 (631 people) In contained old deposits), review☆◁.

China News Co -gency on May 28th (Wang Yuxi) No. 28☆=▷, the two-level peoples court of Hengyang City, Hunan Province, on the 28th-▷, the first-instance public pronunciation of Shi Feng, etc., the defendant Shifeng and other four people were sentenced to death It is reported that the case has been supervised by the China Ministry of Public Security, from 20 to 23 December 20, 2020, respectively, in the Hengyang Intermediate Peoples Court…•▽, etc…•=●., respectively, open trials. Among the 57 defendants, 43 members of the black society, and 14 non-organizational members☆◇▲-. The court was tried▪▷-, and the defendant Shi Feng has gradually absorbed the defendant Wu Jianbao-☆▪, Zhu Hongcheng, Su Xuefeng▽☆, and Luo Yisi, etc○●■.□▽-, and implements a series of criminal groups in 199.

Original title: Yangmei Art Exams and Im thinking: design professional play cross-border, the Chinese painting is asking for the seven-story sentence Beijing Daily report on March 7th, “Is it happy by Central American=●?” This sentence is rushing The students of the students of the art test are quite hot. This has to start with the examination questions from the 2018 undergraduate enrollment in the Central Academy of Fine Arts last weekend●▼. Following the launch of the “whose goblin●○-” “a song▽□” “a song” ◆•▼★”a song” ◆•”a song▲■▽” “a song”, the title “of the▪-” Great Bob Di Dun “has been launched in the past few years▽■▲, the Yangmei Design Specialty in the tip of the wind is no longer looked again this year. The candidates are required to visualize their visual expression with the ◁▽”Happiness Index”▷▪□…. “Compared with the previous year, I will be too kind. I have a specific image. I am too abstract this year.” Candidate is comparable△■, and once again become a landscape of Catai Examinatio△-.

Source▪•: Air Force releases [China Air Force multi-style fighter continuous ▲◇◁▽”Wrought island cruise•▼–” inspection combat capabilities] China Air Force spokesperson Shen Jin University issued news on April 19th, Air Force recently organized multiple bombers and reconnaissance machinery systems Island cruise, hammering enhances the ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The air force launched in the sea direction of the military training-□-, dispatched a multi-fashion machine such as -6K, Su-30, 歼 -11 and reconnaissance machine, early warning machine. Bombing – 6K and other fighters have implemented the …●◆○”Wire Island Cruise•=▷▪” training topic▷◁-, enhanced motorization●★, and inspected active ability□…△. Boom-6k fighter is Chinas autonomous development of China-Leveling bombers, which takes the important mission of delivery of national power and will. The Air Force has trained in the Yuanhai Ocean Training and Wire Island Cruise in recent year! global protein and agriculture industry proteine del latte per industria Contacts marine collagen powder drink industrial whey protein isolate,