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[are marshmallows made of horse hooves]Data map▽□□. (图 源 源★•◇▽: Oriental IC) Overseas Network August 10 Electric MH370 passenger plane is 4 years, still not being found. On July 30, local time, the Malaysian government announced a survey report for MH370 passenger planes■▷▼•, triggered the question of all parties-▽▽●, and reported that there were no traffic opportunities▼○. According to ▷●…”Hong Kong East Network”▲□▼, Malaysia issued a final report▷□●•, was criticized by MH370 passengers, and they condemned the Malaysian government concealed the truth•△◁▽. Local Time Tuesday (7th)▪▲▪, representative “Voice 370” on behalf of the MH370 missed passengers, asked the Malaysian government to open all the data, including military radar data-□▽, so that independent experts review and analyze▽▽◇. In addition▷◇★•, the French government is also MMS MH?

Original title▽•▲: Chinas “taboo” Indonesian new generation selection continues to be alert or … [Wen / Observer Wang Wang] In 2013▪☆◆, when the US President Obama visited China▷★•▲, the Chinese leader introduced the concept of Chinese dream. The Chinese dream is the country is rich, the national revitalization, the people are happy▽•. It is also a dream of cooperation, development, peace, and win-win◇▽•=. On the 40 years of reform and opening up□★◇, Xinxins Chinese society is not only a paradise for the Chinese people to achieve dreams…■, but also become the destination of overseas people. Chinas rise is not only to help Chinese people realize their dreams▼□, or you can achieve dreams for anyone. This change allows people around the world to re-examine Chinas international imagery and status▪○■. “Nanhua Morning Post★△-” reported on April 1, Jevon Tan.

Original title•◁: The country has just revealed 9 major signals◆□•, 201△▽◆★. 8 house needs. Cities or rural have rooms! Source: Hebei released March 5th◆◆△, Li Keqiang Prime Minister made a government work report●■▽•. Small cloth combined, in the report of nearly 20○☆=,000 words, in order to better solve the housing problem, there is a lot of information about •□■•”living” “room” punit proteins private limited industrial area padra gujarat▼□-▽ Pectin manufacturer, food safe sealant for drinking horn! Among them=▲□…, 9 important signals combined with a series of housing good news gelatine is made from! It is related to Hebei people buy a house in the next few years, selling a house, and improve living china bulk gelatin! How to receive real estate tax, this year, how is the property market policy, how to buy a house, homestead, peasant citizenship, old community transformation □☆▪..▷•●. No matter if you have a room in the city or rural, you must see=★! 1. The renovation of the shanty house is started to start the new three-year shed change○▲■, this ye☆■.