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[protein bar industry]Original title: The World Cup complete schedule is coming out, the summer peanuts are far from the summer of beer? Friends◁★, this Russian World Cup full schedule, please collect! The 2018 Russian World Cup will be held from June 14th to July 15, July 15th, and 64 games will be carried out in 12 stadiums in 11 cities▷☆. Send you a super detailed schedule▷-=★. ↓ Responsible Editor: Huo uses of whey protein in industry gelatine capsules transparent!

Original title: National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference The reporter learned that Liu Qiangdong▼◆★, who was first elected to the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference this year, brought three proposals for the first time▪★▷•, one of them, one is ▷•”the proposal□△” on the role of the e-commerce “○◁▼,•□” new path ” 2018 is a crucial year for the precision of poverty▼=. According to statistics, as of February 23, 2018, there were 64 poverty-stricken counties in the country to prepare for poverty. The 2018 Central Central Document made a comprehensive deployment for the implementation of rural resolution strategies. From the precise poverty alleviation to the village▷☆, my country h collagen peptides powder hydrolysed!

Original title: Medical Federation and other acceleration promotion members hot discussion into the “deep water area●☆△•” in 2018 my country will vigorously develop medical union•▷◁, accelerate the promotion of grading diagnosis…●. Oriental IC Figure 2018 Government Work Report proposed-○•■, deepening the comprehensive reform of public hospitals▪=★, coordinating medical prices, personnel compensation, drug circulation, medical insurance payment reform△○, and improve the quality of medical and health services, and vigorously solve the problem of medical treatment. Many members said that medical reforms have entered the ●=◆◆”deep water area•△■●”☆▪□, and there are many “hard bones” to be licking◆▼. To this end, this year will vigorously develop medical union, accelerate the promotion of grading diagnosis and treatment. The implementation effect of ☆□▪”two ticket systems” is assessing recently, the National Research Office of the National Health Planning Research Center•▪▷◇, Fu Hongpeng, director of the Department of Medicine Policy★○-▼, revealed that the state is assessing the provinces “t-▪.Contacts industrial gelatin powder,