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[ambar protein industries ltd]Data map: Beijing citizens travel in the smog★▲▪. China News News Reporter Liu Guanxuan Today is cloudy today, there is a rain in the north, the rain●◆▼, the snow or small snow, the north wind is three or four, the temperature is high, the highest temperature is 14 ° C. Today, the night is gradually decreasing, and there is precipitation in two days, and the temperature is significantly declined…▲◁■. Editor in charge▪☆: Zhang Jian.

Original title–•□: Be wary of the United States to tie the European Union on China -△▪◇”Trade War▽▪◁●” Battle Rhinoceros More and more “Into Europe▪☆■▼”◇▼☆◆, European “invisible trade war●■◇-” is also worth vigilant, especially It is the “cross-flow” to Europe and the United States. March 22-23, the EU held a two-day spring summit. In the publication released after the meeting, the European Council said that the United States is unreasonable by “national security”, which is unreasonable, such “industry scope” protectionism, is not solving the problem of overcapacity of overcapacity. However, this “euphemism” criticism in Europe does not mean that in the US “Trade War” in the United States, Europe stands in China△▽. After the European Union and the continued ▪▲•”public relations△▲” in Germany▽…▼, the United States announced in the last minut?

Original title: [Solutions] One article clearly understands the party and national institution reform programs (dry version) “The reform is large▽••◆, the complexity of the impact, the interests of the interests, and there is a systematic …•★, Overall☆•▪•, reconstructed “- This is March 19th◆★◇=, the executive deputy director of the Central Policy Research Office, the executive vice president of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Xiaohui, issued a sentence in the=•” Peoples Daily ○▼”▪○•▷, described This party and national institution reform. With the full text of “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan”■△, the amount of information is proved that this is not emotion. So, the “State Council Institutional Reform Plan●•▲•” triggered during the two sessions and approved★☆, which has made everyone feel the strength and depth of reforms – and it is only part of the program full. Program full te.gelatina near me!

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