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[gelitan]Original title▲▼◇: Interview with Secretary of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Ding Zhongli▷◆▲○, to establish a scientific research evaluation system with the times on March 17th, the fifth plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress▷▼■◁, held in the Great Hall of the People. The conference election has produced the leaders of the new National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. On the evening, the newly elected Ding Zhongli, who was elected as the deputy chairman of the National Peoples Congress, was a guest of the Peoples Network▲▪•◁, and exchanged online communication with netizens○●. To establish a scientific research and evaluation system that advancing with the times▼☆…: We often talk about the scientific evaluation system…★◆•, in fact, all units have fixed, my country has no unified scientific evaluation system, some calling=■, some calling performance points, According to the score•△▽-, I will give you three or six nineteen▷▲▼=, and hook your salary income◁=…. This evaluation is in our national scientific resear?

Original title: The construction of the responsibility is clear, the government governance system of administration according to law (in-depth study and implementation of the Thought of Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristics) “Peoples Daily” (April 25, 2018) Partys 19th China Plenary Session The construction of ▲△”clear responsibilities, government governance system administration according to law” as part of the goal of deepening the reform of the party and national institutions, made a comprehensive deployment, put forward specific requirements, to further optimize government agency settings and functional configuration, and speed up the transformation of government functions , Deepen the reform of the administrative system☆…, indicating the direction, and clarifies the task. We must adhere to the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialism in Xi Jinping○◇=, profoundly understand the spirit of the Plenary●◁••, and firmly conscientiously implement it. Fully understand the government governance system of the construction responsibility and administrative administration according to l.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Metacity Center=●◇▽, and invited the Minister of Environmental Protection. The following is a text record: China International TV reporter question: Foreign media questioned “A band all the way” pose a threat to the local environment, how does the Ministry of Environmental Protection continue to support the green area? Li Ganjie◇•◇▪: A road to all the way to go green development can be stabilized. Overall■-•●, Chinese companies are still strictly implementing local ecological environmental protection requirements. Next, we must focus on two things▷☆-: the first promotion of the construction of the ecological environmental data service platform▪▽◇-, the second is to build a green development of the international alliance. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo ! 250 bloom gelatin powder alr industries humapro protein matrix About Us naticol fish collagen peptides grass-fed bovine hide collagen peptides,