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[collagen type ii]Jakarta, May 28 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) With the last chassis beam, the final box beam is accurately defeated on the 1st beam square beam channel▼☆◆▪, the Scholand, the first frame of the Yawan High-speed Railway•◆•, 28th Completed…◁☆, marking the construction of Yaswan high-speed rail construction has made another major progress•▼=★. Subsequently▪▷, the Truna High-speed Railway No. 1, which is responsible for construction by China Electric Construction, to the Wanlong direction pipe section will fully enter the bridge deck and non-transistor construction▪▼◆◇. A total of 142.3 km of the whole length of 142▷☆-.3 km has a total of 3 beams. Among them, 1 Liangcou is the largest laminate in the whole line. It has undertaken a prefabricated, shipment, transportation, and setup task of 1017 榀 万 1017 榀 万 线 线▲●…. The beam field uses “two-way◆=■, double-run, double” mode, to Bandung and …▼!

Original title: Guo Song, a member of the original party of the High-tech Zone in Kunming, and Guo Song☆△, executive deputy director of the management committee, were severely disciplinary and was opened to the party, expense the public office investigation, Kunming High-tech Zone former Party Working Committee member▷•, executive deputy director of the Management Committee Guo Song Violation of integrity and discipline★◇▷▪, receive a total of 70,000 yuan for Li Moumou, a company, a total of 70,000 yuan; violating the national criminal law●•, using the position to facilitate the benefits for others, and accept a real estate company to control the property of 3,960,000 yuan. Among them□=, the use of jobs will make interests for others, and they will receive a crime of crime of property property. Guo Song is the leading cadres of party members, the ideals and beliefs, and discipline awareness•●, and still do not converge in the partys 18th National Congress, do not accept the hand◆▪▲, the top wind is disciplinary, and the subordinate unit and individuals within the supervisor will be given; Important positi=•.

China News Agency, May 28 (Reporter Yu Zhan)-▪, China Peoples Household Association and the United States California-China Climate Research Institute, hosted the first video dialogue in China and the United States to respond to climate change series dialogue•△. It is understood that this dialogue is the ☆▪◇▷”Planning and Measures for Climate Change”. China Climate Change Affairs Exchange Hua◇△, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng, Jiangsu Provincial Governor Wu Zhenglong, Guangdong Provincial Governor Ma Xingrui, Chinese Peoples Foreign Friendship Association President Lin Song add-■…=, US Presidential Climate Special Embrace Kerry, California Governor , Washington, Governor, Yingsi□•□◁, California, Governor, Corre, Los Angeles, Mayor Jia Sii, etc◆▲. attended the dialogue and was friend▼◇.

Original title-●: (Times) The fourth session of the 12th session of the Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference decided to accept Li Jinxiu resigned from the vice chairman of the Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and the Xinhua News Agency on August 23 (Reporter Zhao Dandan) 23rd, the Political Consultative Conference Jilin Province The fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Commission was held in Changchun. The meeting decided that according to the Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, according to the “Charter of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference–▼●”, he received the vice chairman of the Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference▪□. (End) Click to enter the topic: The results of the Changsheng vaccine will announce the number of provincial and ministerial levels of handled editor△-•…: Huo ○▽▪.

Original title: △••”Three No Website▲=” Survey: Anti-Patient Gambling Infringement Content Eyes, Send illegal advertising to make profit gestures, sexy naked women◇☆◇■, bonus rich gaming projects, the latest hottest hospital lines, lay out▼▷☆, endless game private service ..…★□▷. While the Internet is convenient, it also brings a machine to the criminals-▼. Some illegal ▽▪◆▼”three-free website” is filled with the network○▷, becoming copyright••, damaging the legitimate rights and interests of minors, online fraud, violations, and porn◆…○, illegal crimes●▷. At the national two sessions, “Three No Website” chaos also triggered the attention of representative members•…■. Xiao Shengfang, president of the National Peoples Congress, President of the Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association•◇▼, said in an interview with Nandu reporters that he has submitted the relevant copyright management and Internet ecology, it is recommended that the national multi-part linka◆▪▲○. whey protein industry report baking gelatinGelatin wholesale native path collagen reviews proteine del latte per industria!