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[gelatin scrap]Original title◇…: Jiangxiang Reservoir Project was approved to investigate the total investment of 3058 million yuan Jiangxiang reservoir project construction project has been approved by the State Council. The reservoir covers an area of ​​35670.9 mu▽△▪☆, located in Dingyuan County, Zhangzhou City. It is reported that the Jiangxiang Reservoir is an important backbone engineering in the “Huaihe River Basin●•” pool river basin●△▼●. It is an important part of the Jinjiang irrigation project of Mashan▲=, is also one of the 172 major water conservancy projects that start construction during the ▽□=”13th Five-Year Plan” period▼■•. The main function of the reservoir is the water supply and irrigation, and it is difficult to facilitate flood control. The total investment of the project is 358 million yuan. After the completion=▽, it will solve the industrial, agricultural and living water of the far millions of people, and will form ▪◆▼”Jiang Jihuai▽▲=” East Line Project with the Horseshan Level 4 water-proof water supply system•□○, benefit the surrounding area□▽. Source: Zhongan Online Responsibility Edit.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress★■●●, the news center was scheduled to hold a reporter meeting in the Multi-Film Merfunction of Meiya (Saturday) at 15:00 on March 10 (Saturday)◇▼◁-, and invited the Director of the State-owned Assets and Assets, Peng Huang, deputy secretary general, and spokesperson. The relevant issues of enterprise reform and development have answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters. The following is a text record•▼-: Hong Kong Business Daily reporter: The 19th National Report proposes to cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, and the director of Just has also mentioned the first-class enterprise to the world, which means state-owned enterprises, especially the Central Enterprise Group Corporation. It is necessary to strategically transform to the global company, and the basic characteristics of the Global Company are dual internationalization of production and capital operation=□•◆. How will it break through the internationalization of capital management? Thank you. Xiao Yaqing: Thank you for your question☆◇■. This problem is bo?

China News Co◁★…., Ltd◆◆•., on May 27th (Reporter Li Peishan) Reporter learned from Ningxia Agricultural Rural Rural Hall on the 27th that the National Grape and Wine Industry Open Development Investigation Zone was approved by the National Grape and Wine Industry, in 2035, Shandong The total size of the wine wine wine exceeds 1▲◆=▷.5 million mu☆▪-, with an annual output of 600 million bottles of wine, and realizes the comprehensive output value of 200 billion yuan•…◆. Ningxia National Grapes and Wine Industry Open Development Integrated Test Area takes place by the Department of Agricultural Rural Ministry, Industry and Information Technology-=◁▪. The comprehensive trial area covers Helan Shandong Wine National Geographic Log Product Reserve, and divides the core area and radiation area. Among them, the core area planning area 1?

Original title: A peasant conflict in Yongshou County, Shaanxi Province death○▽☆★. Afterwards•★, the Party Secretary of Ganjing Town△△○•, deputy secretary of the town party committee, and the head of the town were dismissed from the place■…. On April 5, Yongshou County Government announced in its official website. On April 4th, Bengji Village•○, Ganjing Town, Yongshou County, had a conflict with people in Zhou Zhou and people in Yongshou County▷○▪. The doctor died after being rescued□•. The notification shows that on April 4th, after the 110 command center of Yongshou County Public Security Bureau▷▷△, he immediately organized police officers and surveyed the survey of the event, and has filed investigation◆★△□. Yongshou County Party Committee county government attaches great importance to the rapid settlement of working groups, and do a good job in incident investigatio?

Original title: Chinas factory is too magical: a car offline every 2 minutes! △■▷▼”Science Fiction” is the soup geletin best fish collagen peptide☆•… Pure collagen, 25kg bag gelatin powder gelatin horse hooves! The world is in the intersection of the new technological revolution and industrial change. Informatization, industrialization is constantly incorporated, the smart equipment industry represented by robotics is booming◆▷◆=. In 2017, China continued to become the worlds largest industrial robot market▲▪, and sales exceeded 120,000 units, accounting for about one third of the worlds total production. At the same time-▲☆, China has become the first consumption of high-end CNC machine tools for the ninth consecutive year, and 50% of 50% of CNC machines around the world are on Chinas production line. This year▽◁, Chinas total number of artificial intelligence companies is close to 600, jumped the world second▪…◁; Chinas 3D add-up manufacturing industry has reached 8 billion yuan▪•, the product system is getting more and more, equipme—?