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[taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology a]Original title★●▽: Member of the CPPCC Committee discusses how the film and television drama is good for Chinas story. Can we do not need to spread Chinese culture with foreign peoples film and television●▪? Recently=◁, ▽•◆•”amazed☆★▲, my country◆…” is very good◁◇○, I think it can be equipped with English, to show abroad•…▼▪. “Chenglong said. Chinese culture go out, film and television drama is a carrier with the most extensive audience. At the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, there are many directors of film and television dramas=★▼, producers, they have long observation and thinking. There is a correct value of values, the TV series can go out to the TV series “嬛” not only popular Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries, also export.

Original title◁▷•: Sichuan Wah Changping Bridge near the mountain shift□•, Yival Expressway “indefinite” control payment of Sichuan Online March 4 news, March 4, Sichuan high-speed traffic police issued emergency road conditions. The Yasi Expressway encountered an emergency situation◆◇, and there were mountain shifts in the vicinity of the Wawei Bridge=☆, causing a crack in the bridge. From the morning of March 4, the Yasi high-speed iliac segment was forced to implement two-way closure traffic control. According to the current regulation plan, Chengdu to the Xichang direction all vehicles under the high-speed speed of the 荥 安 安 检 站, Xi Chang to Chengdu direction vehicle is high-speed under the Daihai Security Test Station=●. At the same time, Yaan South Station, Jingjing Station, Long Canggou Station prohibits Xichang direction•▲▪, the Weihai Station, Suzi Ping Station, Asbestos Station, Hanyuan Station, Jiuzun Station prohibits Chengdu direction vehicle. High speed payme!

[Hainan Province decided to set up Haikou Jiangdong New District▽▪□△: Construction China (Hainan) Free Trade Test Area Key First Area] June 3, China (Hainan) Trade Zone Haikou Jiangdong New District Press Conference held in Haikou: decided to establish Haikou Jiangdong The new district, which is a key preceding area of ​​the construction of China (Hainan) free trade test area■★▪; the total area is approximately 298 square kilometers, divided into the Eastern Ecological Function Zone and Western Production City Fusion Area◇◁; the construction of the innovation area of ​​the reform and opening up test area will be constructed. Construct the exhibition area of ​​the national ecological civilization test area▽▪☆▽, build an international tourism consumer center experience area and the demonstration zone of the national major strategic service area. Source: Hainan Daily Editor: Huo ▷△●. collagen peptides bovine best liquid collagen organicContacts industrial protein for antibiotics is hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides a type of msg,