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[collagen liquid drink]Original title……: Academician He Huawu: High-speed rail drone in high-speed speed up to 350 kilometers will be the first application of Beijing “new four inventions◆▲☆” in Beijing, and high-speed rail has become Chinas most shining business card. In the new round of technology revolution, how does China keep their own high-speed business cards leading? How will traffic in the future change peoples lives? On May 19th★★▪, the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurial Fair, one of the ▼=○”Future Technology•…★=” forums was held. Top high-speed rail experts from China talk about the future traffic in their minds. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, General Technical Consultant General Manager of China Railway Corporation said that as of 2017, the national railway network operation mileage is 1.27,000 kilometers, of which high-speed railway network operates over 25,000 kilometers◁▽○=, China Hi.

Ji Bingxuan resume Ji Bingxuan, male, Han nationality, born in November 1951▪-■, Henan Mengjin, in October 1978, participated in the work in April 1980, Join the Communist Party of China, graduated from the Chinese Department of Zhengzhou University, University General class education▼△. He is currently a member of the 19th National Central Committee◁▼□-, and the vice chairman of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. From 1975 to 1978, Zhengzhou University Chinese Department of Chinese Learning 1978-1982 Hengjin County▲□, Henan Province, Pingle High School Teachers, County Committee Office Officer 1982-1984, Henan Province, Chaoyang Township Party Secretary, Zhangjiang Township Party Committee, 1984-1985▼■…•, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary, County Committee, Henan Province, County In 1985-1987, the Secretary of Henan Province, Henan Province, 1987-201, China=●, Association, Associate Secretary, Henan Provincial Committee◁◆, 198?

Original title: Anhui: Mobile patrol significant powerhouse is reviewed ▪▷”The partys leadership weakens, the core effect is serious. The original party committee○▷, especially the main person in charge▲●■, extremely irresponsible□◆☆•, serious loss of duty, so that Hui Merchant Group Deepening the debt crisis. “On February 9, the first inspection team of Anhui Provincial Party Committee refers to the above problems when the party committee of Hui Merchant Group Co☆■-., Ltd. ▽=”The main person in charge of the original party committee team” referred to in patrol feedback is the secretary of the Huihui Group Co●▼○-., Ltd., and the chairman Xu Yusui. On November 13, 2017▲…△▷, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Xujia is accepting an organization review. With the same day of Xu Yusu, there is a deputy secretary of the Hui Shi Groups original party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission. It is worth mentioning that Xu Jiagui and Zhang Weis falling horse is in the 10th Anhui Provincial Committ.

Original title: The countrys college students can settle online only on March 23, and Huashang reporters learned from the Xian Municipal Public Security Bureau. From now on, college students can complete online only with students. This initiative is open to the whole country. Editor in charge: Zhang Jian.

Original title: Authoritative Interpretation: 36th State Councils reform came from “Three Steps▽◇◇” Political Medicine New News (Reporter Ni Weiwangki) Today (March 13) The reform of the curtain of the curtain○▽▲◇, is the reform and opening up The eighth round reform has been reform. Since 1982▽○, the reform of the first round of institutions after the reform and opening up, has been 36 years, 36 years, and the institutional reform is divided into several phases? What are the features of each stage•■? Shen Ronghua-△, deputy secretary general of the China Administration Society, participated in the design of the 2008 reform plan, and the premise of the 2013 State Councils institutional reform★△○, and proposed a question report■▲•◆. He accepted the interview with Beijing News reporters, 1982◇○, 1988, 1993, 1998▽▲▼○, 5 reforms in 2003 is a stage, characterist●…?Gelatin wholesale swanson chicken sternum cartilage collagen type ii 500 milligrams halal-gelatine-sweets,