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[hydrolysed collagen peptides bovine]Original title…=: 63 farmers borrowing ID cards to buy agricultural machinery, have a group in WeChat, who is criminal, was named “Correction of Xianrenzhuang Community”, no matter what is busy, as long as there is news, Nikamu will put down his hand. Active …■◁”second back”. WeChat group was established by Judicial Institute of Xianren Zhuang Township, Kaifeng District, Henan Province…▼▪◁, 27 group members-▲…, are probative in immortal Zhuang Township, parole. Niu Jiaoliang said•▼, 26 of them were sentenced to the same crime – defrauding the national agricultural machine purchase subsidy. From March and Augustu○•◇△, 2017■◇, the Kaifeng City Gao Tower Police handed 63 people in the form of agricultural machinery distributors▷•-●, and the three people who borrowed ID cards☆◁, helping three people to declare national agricultural machine purchase subsidies□▷★. Farmers arrested. September 2017 to February 2018, 63 peop.

The Chinese Embassy in Indonesia was transferred to the Indonesian Red Cross in Jakarta on the 8th to assist the Indonesian government to make a rescue work in the earthquake-stricken area of ​​Longmei Island and helped the people in the disaster area▲…▲★. The Chinese Embassy in Indonesia said on the donation ceremony●▷☆…. In order to express the deep friendship between the Chinese government and the people▷◇△, the Chinese Embassy represents the Chinese government through the Indonesian Red Cross▼◆, 2000 tents, 2000 floor mats, 5▽■★,000 Improved materials in the disaster area such as blankets. He also transferred to the Indonesian Red Cross to the China Red Cross, the 100,000 US Emergency Humanitarian current integration assistance. Xiao Qian said that in this earthquake, more than 40 Chinese tourists were trapped=○☆. All Chinese tourists have successfully evacuated to safety under the joint efforts of both China and Indonesi▷•▪!

Original title●-: The “management company” transforms the “management capital……▪★” to the Anhui state-owned asset operation company to change the state-owned capital operation company reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Bureau of China from the Anhui Provincial Bureau of China, and Anhui Province has been introduced by Anhui Province◆□-•. Chinas state-owned asset operation company is reorganized□▲. The pilot program of state-owned capital operations◇▼, and the restructuring of Anhui State-owned Asset Operation Co., Ltd. is a state-owned capital operation company◁○, which is tentatively named Anhui State-owned Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd. This is the innovation of the new round of state-owned enterprises. From “State-owned Assets Operation■-…” to “State-owned Capital Operation▪★△”▷■◆•, the difference is the difference, where is it? First, the management object is different. The object of the management assets is a company. At present, our province is promoting the functions of state-owned and foreign regulatory agencies by “management enterprises” transition to “management capital”◆▪▪▷. State-owned supervision agencies must accurately grasp the performance of the funding according to l? high protein beer industry reports bovine collagen peptide nitta gelatin incGelatin capsule.

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