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[ambar protein industries ltd sanand]Original title◇△◇: Marriage registration is seriously lost◆▽▼-, will be restricted to recruit as civil servant! Many departments such as the National Development and Reform Commission have signed the “Cooperation Memorandum of Joint Disciplinary Delivery for Marriage Registration”, and the parties will face 14 joint discussions, including restricted recruitments (employ) for national public officials; Restrictions are registered as legal representatives of institutions; restrictions on state-owned enterprise legal representatives-●, directors▪◇★▷, supervisors★=◁, senior management personnel●=■; restrict the honor of ethics and other models. (Li Jinlei) Editor□▽◆-: Huo .

Original title: complete fire protein drinks industry report! The name of this movie became the hottest “praise” word on the two sessions■•. During the two sessions, “Its amazing, my country” not only triggered the spirit of the ministries and representative members, and even =▲”I am” the country □◁■”◆◆•■, but also the popular terms during the meeting. On the occasion of the two sessions, on March 2nd…◁△★, the record movie “is amazing, my country” landed the nationwide line○◇▷□. The first day of the release set off a championship◇•, and the box office broke through 40 million achievements. As of today, the box office has reached 200 million bovine collagen peptide side effects▼☆◆◁ collagen used in product from candy to cosmetic gelatine capsules 00 size 0! “Its amazing, my country■=▷☆” is jointly produced by CCTV, China Film Co., Ltd…○●☆., and the great development of China, especially in the past five years, tells the people and things behind them. The film is the first time to send the motherland in the form of a documenta!

Original title: (Foreign Affairs) Cai Qi Meetpin Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 16 (Reporter Zheng Mingda) Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee…▪, Cai Qi met with the general secretary Sha Ningwa Namibian group party delegation. Cai Qi said that, shortly, President Xi Jinping and the President of Rago will increase the relationship between China University to a comprehensive strategic partnership, planning the grand blueprint of cooperation between the two parties. The Communist Party of China is willing to cooperate with the Party of the Nats, and give full play to the political leadership of the ruling party, deepen the exchange of party construction and governing the country★◁, and better transform the two party friendships into the powerful power of the state relationship sustainable and healthy development△■. Sha Ningwa said that the Natssen Party looks forward to consolidating the brothers-like friendship between the two parties▽□, and hopes to understand and learn the concept of the Communist Party of China. (End) Responsible Edit☆●◇?

Original title: Zuo is dead! The legacy of the original secretary drugs, tuning women, and assume the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Contacts.! This week, Hunan has a “Zuo◇-” in Hunan into a net red. The secretary of the Changning City Court used wine to hang▽…, the secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, did not say that the souls did not say▲▼□, but also pitted the brother-in-law, and the sister took out many disciplinary public officials. When the case played back to this week▼○▽☆, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection went to deliberately retalled the Judicial Inspection Monitoring Cadre. He Chaou Tiben…○▪, the original secretary of Changning City▪▼••, because of being expelled from the party or public office☆■○□, and drunk▷•△, drunk○□▪, drunk, and opened the Changning Municipal Committee of Changning Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zou Xiongjie◁□▪, director of the Municipal Supervision Committee, Beat Zou Xiongjie…◇□▼, and smash office supplies. The case involves a number of national public officials – Changning Municipal Supervision Committee Liu Feng, Municipal Cou.

Original title 2018 National two sessions 丨 CPPCC member Zhu Dingzhen★●▪: “Smog◆◁” said that it is not accurately recommended to change to “”haze”” New Beijing News (Reporter Hou Runfang) “Fog and is two concepts, now public habits will…=◁▪” Called smog . From scientific perspective, this statement is inaccurate▽▲, as a professionals, it is recommended to change the word haze to “haze△◆△” more appropriate. ●◇○”National Committee of the Chinese JPM, China Meteorological Bureau public meteorological The General Engineer of the Service Center, Zhu Dingzhen, did the above recommendations when interviewed by the Beijing News. Zhu Dingzhen explained that “fog” can be comparable to the clouds of landing, there is a border★…△, and the color is biased. It is under a certain temperature condition, and the water droplets are gathered, and the small water beads will cause visibility★◇○•. However, with the changes in temperature, the fog will change●★, and it will disappear. “haz•○•-.