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Pectin manufacturer halal gelatin capsule halal collagen powder,[collagen peptides powder]China News Agency▼=•…, Berlin, May 28th, China: On May 26th local time The Chinese Embassy in the Italian embassy expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition on the 27th. The spokesperson pointed out that the essence of the issue of the problem is anti-rock, anti-split▼○, and depleted the problem. In the past few years, there have been more than a thousand ranking in Xinjiang, and the lives and property of innocent people have suffered serious damage. In the face of barrorism•▲▼●, Chinas Xinjiang area conscientiously implements the “Prevention of Violent Extreme Mistance Action Plan” developed by the United Nations, and prevents preventive sexuality according to la.

Original title: “rabies vaccine record fake”, there is no adverse reaction, the accountability■▽●: Guangming Daily Author: Yang Chen legal scholar★○●◁, a star enterprise producing rabies vaccine, will also record fake•◇, indeed a big fell. According to media reports, July 15◆…, the National Drug Administration issued a notice◆★▽, according to the clue organization inspection team, the Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co-■.◆-★, Ltd=○-. was used to conduct a flight inspection, and found that the companys freezing people used rabies vaccine production record fraud. Serious violations violate the behavior of “quality management of drug production”◇=◁•. At present, the Jilin Provincial Food and Drug Administration has recovered the “Drug GMP Certificate” of Changchun Changsheng. The company also stopped the production of rabies vaccines as required, and used rabies vaccines for all batch of freezers during the validity perio.

Zhang Jianzong•••○, Director of the Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government■●, issued a statement on May 27 that the Legislative Council today (27th) is welcome to pass the ■=”Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill in 2021. This is a very important and historic bill, which represents the Hong Kong SAR to complete local legislation□=, and implement the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress to annexical one and two of the Hong Kong Basic Law-☆★. The central government leads to the constitutional level to improve the Hong Kong election system▼◆△, re-return to the right track, and further improve the national security system for the Hong Kong Special Administration●▲, defend national security and regime safety, and open a new situation in good governance. Zhang Jianzong believes that the bill passed today is an important milestone that is moving forward in the Hong Kong government development, and it is fully accurately implemente★…-★.

[Weekly Economic Observation] The situation is to meet the =◁•”Yinfa Economy” to face the continuous accelerated population aging process, whether it will be, it should be movable…=◁▽, promote the growth of the old industry and related services▼==◁, will be a new must Answer△▽●. At present, it is imperative to construct a task such as the actual pension system of my countrys development, and it is imminent. We must prepare for all directions. The seventh national population census data released recently shows that the proportion of the population of 60 yearsons and above is 18.70%, of which the population of 65 years and above is 13.50%★◇▼. In response to international standards, when a population of 65 years old and above is a mild aging, 14% to 20% ○•.