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pasture raised bovine hidcollagen peptides – industrial application of proteurificaon.[whey protein uses in food industry][2017 government debt ratio is 36=■●.2%] Minister of Finance: As of the end of 2017, my countrys government debt balance is 29.95 trillion yuan, of which the balance of the central governments national debt is 13.48 trillion yuan, and local government debt balance is 16.47 trillion yuan•●. my countrys government liability is also 36.2% of the proportion of debt balance divided by GDP. This ratio has declined by 36=…◆.7% in 2016. According to such a ratio▷◆, our governments debt rate is lower than the so-called 60% warning lines of international community●★, which is also lower than other major economies and the liability levels in emerging market countries. In accordance with the provisions of the new budget, the issuing local government bonds are the only legal form of local governments. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh■-.

China Xinwang, May 26 (Reporter Zhang Yuan) reporter learned from the Xixian New District◁◇=, Ji Xi New City, learned that the wisdom reading of the Government Service Center of the West New Town officially opened■△▪★, marking the first ▪=•▷”urban study★▷△□” officially used in the new city Nearly thousands of exquisite books, new wisdom reading experience, let it become a new city to read punch. □◇●”City Study◇▪○•” is located in 2 floors of the Government Service Center, No▲□-. 5 Economic Gardeue, the Headquarters Economic Garden, Xincheng▲◆, covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters. It is divided into paper book reading area, 24-hour wisdom borrowing area, digital audio-visual reading area…△•, online reading experience There are 4 major functional districts in the district, with nearly 1,000 books, literature, history◁▲□•, economy and other books, equipped with intelligent borrowers▷◁☆☆, electronic viewe.

The Ministry of Transport is published today (27th), in the past year, the China Maritime Search and Help Center gives full play to the national maritime search and rescue and major maritime oil spill emergency departmental joint meeting system advantages, and strives to do a good job in emergency response work. The total annual organization coordinated the search and rescue operation of 1758, successfully rescued 1110 dangerous ships in China and foreign countries, 10,834 Chinese and foreign distressed personnel, search and rescue success rate of 95▷▲▽.8%. In order to encourage social search and rescue power to participate in maritime search and rescue operations, the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center organizes experts to review 35 provincial selection and rescue applications recommended by the provincial sea search and rescue institutions. The results of the review have passed the Ministry of Transport at the end of Apri?

Original title: Headline Overseas Media: China is not afraid of US upgrade trade war threatening overseas media said that after responding to the first round of tariffs in Washington, Trump has strengthened the pressure policy of the Chinese government■○▷. Code of $ 200 billion in Chinas garment of China. In response to this China Ministry of Commerce, the US has no two-hand strategy to play soft and hard to play, this practice will not have any effects in China▽◇▪•, and the Chinese side has been fully prepared for the threat of the US upgraded trade war. The US increased bets to pay attention to the press of Reuters On August 1, the US government said on August 1, Trump proposed a higher 25% tariffs for China s Chinas lived goods, to increase Chinas trade stress-=…●, forced China to make concessions•△. US Tradi.