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[side effects of hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides]Original title: 2018 National two sessions, Chinese commission, Fan Xiaoyun talks about the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the insurance regular conference function integration: The original model has not been adapted to the current financial industry National Political Consultative Conference, Nankai University Finance Institute of Financial College■◆□-, Fan Xiao Yun. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yujing Xinjing News (Reporter Hou Runfang) Today▽▽▼, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting, listening to the statement of the State Council of Wang Yong on the State Councils institutional reform plan. The State Council Institutional Reform Plan showed the investigation of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and formed the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission as a direct institution of the State Council◆★•. Why is the two regulatory authorities to function integration? What impact will it bring after the integration? What issues should be solved by functions? Integrated transition peri•-★▷.

Original title◇-: US media said that Chinese researchers have created agricultural miracles “Maybe Impress Earth” Reference News Network reported that the US media said that Chinese researchers have discovered a miracle=•☆□, which may hit the Earth. According to the US quartz Finance website•◇★, this research is huge▽☆=-. It costs $ 54 million (approximately RMB 340 million), approximately 1,000 researchers and 65,000 local officials participate. However, scholars around the world will refer to this research as an agricultural miracle. The report said that the project has saved more than $ 12.2 billion (about RMB 77◇■◇■.1 billion) for 10 years. From 2005 to 2015, researchers were carried out around China under the guidance of China Agricultural Universit.

China Xinwang on May 28=◁•▷, according to Yunnan Provincial Health Committee website, May 27th to 24▼•=△, Yunnan Province did not have new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections. 1 case of invoiced infected infection in additional abutment land=◆☆, for Chinese, Myanmar input•◇☆. 1 case of confirmed cases (local cases)▲=◁. As of 24:00 on May 27, there were 19 cases of confirmed cases (13 cases of overseas, 6 cases of native), 5 cases (2 cases of overseas▼◇, 3 cases), allocate medical institutions Treatment and medical observation. Addressless information: women, Chinese, 49 years old-■, recently lived in Myanmar☆□▷. From May 25th★•■•, from the land port, ?Pectin manufacturer.