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[customizable gelatin]Original title: The crime of duty crimes will not be returned to the presence of time limit for overdue! On December 31, 2018 CCTV News▪–◆: 23●◁, the National Supervision Committee, the Supreme Peoples Court, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly issued an announcement, and urged duty criminal cases to surrendered surrenders. The deadline for investment●△, December 31, 2018□△☆▪. It is surrendered before this, and it can be light or mitigated according to law◁●○=, and the plot is lighter, and it is even possible to avoid penalties. If you dont return overdue, you will be caught in the future will be severely punished. The purpose is obvious, that is, persuading these overseas people, to recognize the situation, cherish the opportunity, and invest surrenders as soon as possible•◆. On the same day released by the announcement◆-■■, Wu Qing took the initiative to return to China and aggressive▽○. [Related News] Outsi.

Original title: (Service · Employment) Foreign graduation college students to visit Nanjing to find a job can be packaged in Nanjing On April 15th (Reporter Chen Yuan) Nanjing recently launched “Young Talents Station”, field college graduates to Nanjing to find work or settle Can be applied to the youth apartment for free living for 3 to 5 days. It is understood that in addition to foreign college students, local colleges and universities will stay in Nanjing=◇◆, and there is no fixed-place in Nanjing•■○-, they can also apply for free. At present•▼•, the first stage provides the service of the Southeast Youthhui concentric store in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, and the service object is also in the enterprise unit of Jiangbei New District◇◁★△, and the university graduates in Jiangbei New District are mainly. Eligible graduates can submit applications through WeChat public accounts or to live=▽. Dong Liangqin△–, the store, has 386 sets in the stor◆•◁=.

Original title: Domestic unique national aviation engine turbine blade production demonstration line landing Guian New District March 9th The production demonstration line is listed in Guian New District. This is the only national air engine turbine blade production line in China. According to reports○▪, the first phase of this demonstration production line will start construction in May, and the plant has more than 300 mu□◁□, including more than 200 acres, located in the northern park of high-end equipment manufacturing park in Guian New District. In June 2019□●, the first phase production line will be put into production. It is reported that on November 7, 2017, Guian New District and China Airlines signed an investment cooperation agreement-★…■, and the plan total investment is about 262 million yua.

Original title: Banning No. 33 of the Ministry of Commerce About imported phenol of the United States, EU■◇■○, South Korea, Japan and Thailand [Publishing Unit] Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China [Release No.] Announcement 2018 No. 33 [Release Date] On March 26, 2018○▪, the Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Commerce) received Jilin Petrochemical Branch of China Petroleum Gas Co◆◆., Ltd▼▪◆. on February 2, 2018, Changchun Chemical Industry (Jiangsu) Ltd.▼▲◇…, Xisa Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sanshi Sanjing Chemical Co., Ltd., China Blue Star Harbin Petrochemical Co□☆★▲.▽•○, Ltd.=-=▲, Guanyou Chemical (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Communications Chemical Co., Ltd•▼. (hereinafter referred to as applicant) represent domestic phenol Industrial offici?

Original title: How to actively deal with the aging of the population? On behalf of the members, the representative of the company has given the residents old-fashioned (Minsheng Welfare Round Table) This reporter Lu Lili Ke Zhongli Jiang Yunlong Zheng Shengcheng representative: To establish a multi-level pension insurance system. In addition to basic endowment insurance●◆◆=, we must improve the annuity or professional annuity and pure voluntary business pension system. Yisida Towards Committee: Further promote the right to simultaneously▽▷, streamline the approval process, reduce the admission threshold for the pension service market…•-◆, so that the old-age service industry has promoted the new kinetic energy promotion of high quality development◆•. Huang Yulin, representative: It is recommended that the state has developed a special subsidy policy for the elderly and disabled elderly○…★○, and do a good job in the connection with long-term nursing insurance. Deepen the reform of the pension insurance system, strengthen the basic support of the first heavy guarant. base industria e comercio de oleos e proteinas ltda expression of proteins lacking n-terminal methionine industrially Pure collagen fish based collagen protein food industries pune maharashtra,