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Contacts![industrial igf protein]Beijing-Tianjin Intercity First Patement has raised 22.5 yuan second-class seat=▪□◆. The business station price remains unchanged; Beijing-Tianjin Intercity City Coupon Sales 20,000 Xinjing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) reporter learned from 12306 website, start today First○△◁◇, the specialty of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway will “raise the price”, one of the first fares rose by 65.5 yuan to 88 yuan, and the special fare rises from 93△▪.5 yuan to 99 yuan, and the business seat, Second-class seat, unchanging fare remains unchanged▽•▽. The second class fare is still introduced by the relevant person in charge of the China Railway Corporation. Today★=, the railway department will adjust the high-grade fare of some lines, including the first-class seat of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, special ticket price Upset. The above person in charge said that this round of price adjustment is to further rationalize high-ranking high-level Siki and second-cla.

Original title: (environment) target lock☆☆… hydrolyzed gelatin halal! “Winning the Blue Sky Defense War Three-Year Action Plan” is about to implement Xinhua News Agency, Beijing June 20 (Reporter Liu Shiping) Zhao Yingmin, deputy director of the Ecological Environment Department, held a policy routine blowing in the State Councils press office on the 20th▽■, “win win The Blue Sky Defense Three-Year Action Plan will be issued in the near future. The overall goal is that after three years of efforts▽▽, the total amount of main atmospheric pollutant emissions is greatly reduced, and the greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced••, and the PM2.5 concentration is further significantly reduced•△-. The number of pollution days▪◆, significantly improve the quality of the environment▽◆◇=, and significantly enhance the peoples blue sky. The Ecological Environment will be proposed in the three-year action plan prepared by the relevant departments. It focuses on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area, the Yangtze River Delta region■•□□, the plains and other areas, continue to implement the atmospher?

Original title: Hong Kong Media: Overseas Chinese ▲•-“Search” service institutions emergency reference news network reported in Hong Kong media said that with Chinas forward development, tens of thousands of overseas Chinese are spreading in various corners of the world. The more you recall the place where the ancest is located and looks back. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website reported on March 31, the service helped people tracked the genealogy is getting more and more popular, and the rise of social welcoming people to find family-friendly television exclusive show programs may have helped this trend. According to reports, in the past generations▷•▪■, overseas Chinese often treat past as a black box, which is sealed by tensioned parents, and parents are urgently hoping that their families keep low-key in foreign countries dominated. At the age of 62◆◇◆, Raymond Zhang (sound) lived in the United State gelatin flavoring fish collagen peptide powder benefits☆▽◇▽ 280 bloom gelatin!

Original title Port media: China wants to combine AI push new robot challenge the robotic “four families◆▽☆” Data: Robot Performance. On June 7, the staff was entered on the high exam volume. Xinhua News Agency, Xue Yubin▼=☆◁, takes June 7th, ●▼”Star Mathematics College Entrance Examination Robot▷◁•=” AI-MATHS is answering questions. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin Photo report news network reported that Hong Kong media said that with the continued advancement of the concept of “Industrial 4▷◇…▽.0” and “China Manufacturing 2025”, the Chinas industrial robot market has developed as in full swing. Data show that Chinas 2017 annual domestic industrial robot accumulates more than 130,000 sets■○, an increase of 68.1% year-on-year. Under the big trend of manufacturing▷■, intelligent transformation upgrades, industrial robots have a huge space, and it is expected that in the next few year.

Original title: The highest inspection: people with specialized knowledge participate in the procuratorial organ handling the case to review the evidence of the criminal sentence (Reporter Wang Mengyao) On April 3▲★, the reporter learned from the highest test, “the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate The provisions of people who have a number of people who have specialized knowledge will be issued (trial) □▽”Recently issued, clarifying the procuratorate to assign, employing identification qualifications, or other personnel who have professional capabilities…◆, as a person with expertise Participate in handling. Among them, if there is a significant impact on evidence materials involving specific problems, people with specialized knowledge can review and issue reviews▪-…. The so-called “person with expertise” means the use of specialized knowledge to participate in the case activities, assist in solving specialized issues .