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Pure collagen![bovine serum albumin in collagen peptides]Original title: Shiyan to Xian high-speed rail into the Tiemong this years reserve planning plan, started today (March 19) Incorporate this years reserve planning plan○•=□, and clarify the project owners••◁, review the approval work steps, and the funds of all parties•=▷. This paper is a Chutian Municipal Newspaper for accelerating the preliminary work. Last week, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission held a project pre-project work promotion meeting in Wuhan. The meeting was hosted by the relevant leaders of the provincial railway office-▽■•, Xi Chengshi Railway Company (project owners), relevant units of the province◇◇, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group, the provincial Tieport Group○•▲, China Railway First Hospital, China Railway Fourth Hospital, the responsible comrades participated in the meeting. The reporter learned that the meeting notified the pre-project wo.

Original title: Beijing announced central environmental inspector handover problem processing results••◁◆: accountant 2 party organizations, 98 responsible guests Xinyang News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) Today, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued 11 The results of treatment of ecological environmental damage responsibility investigation☆•◆, 2 party organizations, 98 responsible persons were accountable. From November 29▷●△, 2016 to December 29▷•▷, 2016, the Central First Environmental Protection Inspector team launched an environmental protection inspector in Beijing, and the 11 ecological environmental damage to the inspector on April 12, 2017▽◆. The problem is transferred to Beijing■☆□, requiring investigation and treatment according to law. According to the relevant provisions, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government shall ask for two party organizations and 98 responsible people according to the relevant regulation gelatin powder food grade OEM collagen sachet!

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Tang Yan: Adjusting the public holidays to help the National Peoples Congress of the Country Tourism Mayor Tang Yan suggested that the resort period was adjusted to establish a spring and autumn holiday and promoted the development of rural tourism industry. Tang Yan said that implementing a rural resolution strategy is an important national strategy. Developing rural tourism is an important breakthrough in rural revitalization●•. Vigorously develop rural tourism, which promotes the development of rural modern service industry▲-, increases rural employment and resident income▷△, and enhances the quality of life of urban and rural people, it is of great significance□◆. Especially with the urbanization rate of my country has gradually exceed 60%, to the country tourism, to the suburbs▲▷, bringing a family to travel, which is undoubtedly the summons of most people•●…, contain.

Is the vaccination inoculation? Guangzhou rumors: the vaccine supply is stable, the public can appoint online, in the order inoculation spread-▷. At present◇•, Guangzhou New Crown Virus vaccine is stable, which can meet the needs of near future■▼. The general public does not need to panic◁▷▲, please make an appointment▪•, reasonably arrange time, error-inoculation, and make personal protection△□-. The problem is now clear as follows■■◁▼: Question 1: After June 9, can you recharge the first needle of new crown vaccine□◇★▷? A: No protein industries canada winnipeg fish collagen peptide supplement●-△▲! According to the overall arrangement of national and provincial vaccination work■☆□▷, combined with Guangzhou New Cro?

Original title☆=△: Economic Daily, Five Wen, Deep Interpretation On On July 31○•●, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting, analyzing the current economic situation and deploying economic work in the second half of the year=★▷◆. From August 1st to 5th▲△○, the Economic Daily published a commentator article for five consecutive days, and interpretation of how to treat the current economic situation. The five articles are “in the promotion of stability■▽▼”, “” Correctly guiding economic and social development expectations “” Only the ▪■”to attack the difficulties can win the future◇◁” •△=”Doing your own things should be changed…▷▲=” “◆▲●★” should change the new challenge ” Highlight new as “.” Lets take a look at the stability of the promotion, stabilize, and to do well in the second half of the economy, you must highlight a “stable” word★□◆, that is to ensure the stability of the economic and social situation. ▶ Keep the “stability◇-” of the econom=◁•△?