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Gelatin wholesale.[fish gelatin halal]Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 26 (Zuo Yukun) On May 26th, 2021 China International Data Industry Expo (“Digital Bo•☆”) opened in Guiyang, the period of May 26th to 28th○▼. At the opening ceremony, Liu Liehong○□★, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said, •…”13th Five-Year Plan” period, my countrys large data industry has more than 30%, and the industrial scale exceeds 10 trillion yuan in the 2020. 2021 China International Data Industry Expo opening ceremony site. Zuo Yukun photographed Liu Liehong also mentioned that my countrys large data industry foundation is increasingly consolidated▷★☆. The data resources are great, the total amount ranks in the world, and the industrial innovation is increasingly activ!

Original title: As long as there is a speech to speaking on March 5, the National Peoples Congress represents Guo Fenglian answered the reporter in the “Representative Channel▷•▲”. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo National Peoples Congress, Guo Fenglian▼◆, a total secretary of Dazhai Village, Dazhai Town◆◇-, Shanxi▲=••, Jinzhong City△☆=▲, Shanxi, Zeng Zhai, ◇◆•”Tiegu” captain, this year is the sixth elected National Peoples Congress As the peasant representative★★▷, Guo Fenglian is very concerned about the “three rural” issues, and five proposals have been mentioned this year. She said, now she still lives in Dazhai●•▼, live in the countryside, did not leave her home. As long as there is an occasion△★▪, she is going to speech a farmer•▽▷. Talking about performance proposals are all about the rural farmers Beijing News=■△: This year is the general representative of the National Peoples Congress=★□? Guo Fenglian◁▼▼: The sixth time. I am the fourth, the 5th National Peoples Congre.

Original title◇▷▪: (Technology) Chinas 34th Antarctic Investigation has achieved fruitful results “Snow-•=” to Shanghai Xinhua News Agency•=, Shanghai April 21 (Reporter Zhang Jiansong☆=●…, Chabo Long) After 165 days, more than 38,000 sea storms And the ice and snow test▽▷, Chinas 34th Antarctic Scientific Examination team took the “Xuelong▽-=” polarography test of the triumphant on the 21st□◇, and successfully arrived in Chinas Pudong, Shanghai Pudong, Polar Terminal Terminal◆▲. Chinas 34th Antarctic examination was implemented by the “Snow▼◇•▼” and “Xiangyang Red 01”. The inspection team won the construction of the new station in the Rose Sea, the Antarctic Environmental Business Survey and the Antarctic Atlantic Sector Ocean Environment Comprehensive Examination, 78 survey tasks and 22 guarantees and support tasks have been completed. Important results. Inspe. where do bovine collagen peptides come from fish scale collagen peptides

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