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[powder from gelatin]Original title◇•▲▽: The United States said that the EU must be exempted to respond to Chinas Chinese responding to overseas network on March 21st, China Submit, Huam Chunying, on the 21st, royal reporter, on the recent hotspot•△■•. The relevant content is as follows▪•: Q: According to the “Wall Street Daily”★••, the US Chamber of Commerce…▲★◁, the National Retailer Association, the US Information Technology Industry Council represents the 45 trading associations of the United States to petition to the government△…, and urge not to collect tariffs on China. WARNING If the forcibly taxation will damage the US economy, consumers and competitiveness•▼. In addition, there is reported that the “Global Market Initiative” IGM Forum held by Chicago Bos Mechanism, 43 top economists warned that taxation helplessness helplessness▲◆□▽, but may harm the interests of most Americans At the same time, according to the European med.

Original title: The first medium-sized rocket in Chinas commercial space field is released. The carrying capacity is expected to reach the worlds third last year. Space X launched the “Falcon Heavy◁▲☆” Rockets of the Space X○△, which is like a crisp, unveiled the business rocket. The competition on the tracks▪…•=. In fact, in this track, there is no shortage from China: On May 17 this year▲▪★•, Chinas first private commercial rocket OS-X type ▼▲”Chongqing Two Rivers Star”, which is independently developed by ◁▼”Zero Space”▪◆. Empty, and it is also followed by Blue Space Technology Co.▽△▷◁, Ltd★-. in the same echelon. On the evening of July 5…▷, Blue Direction officially announced that the companys self-developed medium-sized liquid oxymethane launched rocket …▼◇◆”Suzaku 2■●” is scheduled in 2020 and claims that the vehicle carrying capacity will reach the worl?

Original title: a company that makes money•▪, helps enterprises “earn” to more than 30 billion yuan! Become the first share of China lapi gelatine fish collagen peptide==★ Gelatin capsule. pure collagen factory! In the government work report this morning, Prime Minister Li Keqiang put forward that Chinas economic growth goal is 6.5% in 2018. To achieve such results, we must continue to reform on existing economic structures. For the past two years, our supply side Reform, economic structural transformation has achieved great achievements■=, new and old development kinetic energy can be continued, and the emerging industry is booming. This transformation is also creating new economic achievements. CCTV Finance “Economics Half-hour” takes you to Hangzhou to see the emerging industries there, which has a magical table. This table can not only eat on it, but even hear▽▲☆, but also clean the air at home-□▪. Industrial design is helpi◇◇△.

Original title★□-: [heavy pound] From the central bank to the Ministry of Public Security, multi-sector shot gelatin formula gelatin powder online manufacturer! The married unmarried people have notified that the National Development and Reform Commission, the Peoples Bank of China, etc., jointly issued a notice, and jointly disciplinary responsibility subjects in marriage registration, the marriage registration is serious, the parties will face 14 joint disciplinary measures▷-◇. The use of false materials in marriage registration▽▪◆, making false statements or deliberately concealing information, serious damage to the legal rights of the other party will be included in the civil affairs department in a list of serious lost letters□•. The discrimination party will be restricted to the national public officials, restrictions to register as the legal person○•●, restrictions on the state-owned enterprise executives□◆=, have served as relevant positions△…, proposing the opinions of relevant positions, while restricting their participation in related industries First, evaluate-○. Previously, there was a market for marriage in Guizhou, Hubei and other province.

Original title=•▪★: State Council: Streamline scientific research project declaration requirements reduce unnecessary material data▽-▼: researchers are working. China News News Reporter Sun Zififa Photo New Network July 24th According to the Chinese Government Network, the State Council recently issued a notice on optimizing scientific research management to improve research performance●●▷. The notice requires optimizing research projects and fund management, including simplifying research project declarations and process management, streamline research project declaration requirements, and reducing unnecessary declaration materials. Notification requires simplified research project declaration and process management. Focus on national major strategic tasks, optimize the formation mechanism of the central financial and technological plan project, and reasonably determine the number of items◆▪•. Accelerate the improvement of the national science and technology management information system••◇, and the central financial science and technology plan (special, fund, etc.) project is included in the end of 2018. Gradual.