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Contacts,[collagen powder for cosmetic]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Zhou Qiang: In the past five years, the court accountability 1762 in the court leading cadres★▼, the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Yuji) March 9th, the 13th National Peoples Congress Zhou Qiang, the president of the Supreme Peoples Court, pointed out in the Work Report, in the past five years, the courts at all levels investigate 1011 police officers in violation of the eight provisions of the Central provisions, and the 1762 parsed court leading cadres seriously accountable. Zhou Qiang said that the highest law strictly enforces judicial inspections, trial inspections, and prevents the system of “two provisions◁◁” such as “two regulations”, and continuously improve the judicial style, and strictly prevent the “four winds” and rebound▽△. Strengthen warning education■-★, profoundly learn from the violations of laws and disciplines such as Yan Xiaoming. Adhere to anti-corruption without the penalty area, full cover, zero tolerance, highe flavored gelatin sleeping collagen!

Original title: Qi Zhiyu representative=▷◆: Enterprise from the post wage system to the Skills wage system, the national Peoples Congress representative=◇●, China FAW Hongqi Factory Technology Departments external network maintenance workers Qi Yuyu said that the company should adopt a more flexible salary system, incentive system■○, to inspire more Many people take the initiative to choose the will of employment posts in industrial workers★★▲. Qi Zhiyu recommended that enterprises transition to the skills wage system, will change the performance floating around the post wages to float around the skills salary, which is conducive to the role of enterprises to better play incentive mechanisms and cultivate more industrial workers. Qi Zhiyu said that the skills wage system is a new salary system that is generally adopted in the reform in my country in recent years. It is a basis for evaluation based on basic labor elements such as labor skills, labor responsibilities■…, labor intensity◆▼★☆, labor conditions, and posts or staf.

Original title: Effectively enhance the targeted effectiveness of the efforts – Three words completely clear the influence of Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai■•, Wang Lijuns viral Chongqing Daily commentator newspaper screenshot completely clear Sun Zhengcai bad impact and Bo Xilai□▪■, Wang Lijun is to create Good political ecology for tight tasks. Putting this complex…☆-, systematic work▷▪, caught in the position…★, and both political principles and to master policy methods. It is necessary to pay attention to the breakdown, adhere to the combination of French•◇☆△, effectively enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the effort. Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun and others violated law disciplines★▪, the harsh impact of the harsh▲◁, and the pollution to the political ecology of Chongqing is extensive, and the damage to the reform and development of Chongqing has been deep. History and practical experience tell us that the targetedness is not strong, the responsibility is ea.

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) Hong Kong has an unprecedented diagnosis case in Hong Kong, Hong Kong May 27 (Reporter Han Xing Tong) Hong Kong SAR Government Health Department Health Protection Center announced on the 27th, Hong Kong has no new new coronal pneumonia diagnosis Cases, and the last day no diagnosis case was October last year. In addition, the Hong Kong Yangtze River Group founded Li Kacheng completed the inoculation of two doses new crown vaccines. According to the number published by the Health Protection Center, 11836 were diagnosed locally. On the same day, Li Ka-shing Foundation posted a photo in social platform, Li Kacheng has completed the two-doses of the inoculation•●▪, and the antibody index made the doctor, Li Jiacheng also said◇●-: “No matter◆☆”. In addition, incen…•◁.

Original title: (time affairs) Sun Chunlan stressed the new era of vocational education and cultivation of high-quality technical skills, Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee=■●, Vice Premier Sun Chunlan From the 6th to 7th, in Tianjin researching vocational education…○☆, and attended the 2018 National Vocational Education Activity Week Start Ceremony and the National Vocational College Skills Competition. She emphasizes that she must adhere to the guidance of the socialist socialist thinking of Xi Jinping…■…◆, conscientiously implement the party Central Committee, the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee★▲, accelerate the construction of a modern vocational education system★-, cultivate more high-quality technical skills▲□△▪, and speed up the physical system Economic development, promote industrial transformation and upgrading◆■-…, promote employment entrepreneurship, and enhance peoples livelihood well-being provide strong suppor. collagen powder supplement gelitan