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Contacts![pork gelatin factory]Original title: Knocking on the blackboard gelatin granules how is jello manufactured! Hong Kong Vaccination Guide In this economic observation network reporter Wang Yizhen Beijing reported that the vaccine incident•△, if you want to take a child to Hong Kong to make vaccines, what problems do you need to pay attention to? On July 28, China Medical Self-Media Alliance members, Vaccine Experts Tao Lejina said that due to different interiors and Hong Kong vaccine approval mechanisms, Hong Kongs vaccine species is more comprehensive•▽•=, and more comprehensive protection for baby / adults. is it safe◇▲☆? Economic Observation: Go to Hong Kong vaccination, safe? Potary Lazina…▲▷: According to I know, Hong Kong is very strict in medical supervision☆◆. Economic Observer▼□●: How is it strict▷=◁? Tao Lejina: Hong Kong Department of Health is responsible for supervising drugs sold in Hong Kong to ensure their safety●▲, effectiveness and quality•▪, and by multi-l★★.

Original title◇☆=◆: 2 minutes to see Wang Yi two circle powder: Answer reporter ●△☆”I hope you continue to learn Chinese☆◁–” “” Chinas collapse theory himself collapsed “●==◆;=▽●” “China and Indiao Dragon Elephant dance, not dragon icon○◇◁●” ▷▲△… .★■□.. On March 8, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi•◁■, answered the Chinese and foreign reporters at the press conference, and the golden sentences were frequent▼◆◇. When answering questions about Japanese reporters, the Foreign Minister has a laughter in the field. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▼▪★: Zhang .

Original title: The Ministry of Education issued the 2018 postgraduate national line from March 23 to apply for adjustment picture Source▼▲: Ministry of Education WeChujun New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Jun) Today (March 16), the Ministry of Education announced “2018 The National Masters Admissions Exam candidates enter the retest of the initial test results ▽•…•”(national score), candidates can apply for adjustments on March 23. The reporter noted that the 2018 postgraduate national line, in the academic degree class●▼◆, the literary score is the highest, and the Class A candidates are divided into 345 points. The single department is 55 points and 83 points…▼▪▪, and the Class B candidates are divided into 335 points◇▪=. Single science is 52 points, 78 points respectively. Professional degree, translation, news and communication, publication, the highest score line, Class A candidates total scores are 345 points, Class▽-■▷.

[Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Guo Fang] June 19th to 20th, Jin Zhenghe▽=◆, member of the Democratic Party Committee of North Korea, and Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea visited China. At the 19th, the Chinese Foreign Ministry routine reporter will become the hotspot asking foreign media◁▷. Is Jin Zhengyuan is not a state visit★▽? Why did China have different past, released a message in the end of the visit? The last time Jin Zhengn visited Huawei asked by the DPS, then this time is the Chinese or the DPRK□◇☆•? Jin Zhengyuan is related to the United States of America? Can Jin Zhengn meet with Chinas leaders Xi Jinping? For these questions, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said☆▼, about the situation of Jin Zhengyin, please keep pay close attention, China will promptly release news, when it will be cle uses for proteins in research and industry hydrolyzed liquid gelatin!

China New Network May 27th (Chen Yuxing) opened by the 2021 China Motorcycle Industry Summit Forum hosted by the China Motorcycle Chamber of Motorcycle Chamber of Motorcycle, discussed the status quo of motorcycles and electric motorcycle industries■◇▼◇. Li Bin, executive vice president of the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, introduced that in January-April, a total of 65.476 million motorcycles were sold△▷, an increase of 42.8% year-on-year△▷…, reaching the best level in the past 7 years. The epidemic makes people re-examine travel tools★▪, and personal free travel is again attached to the travel of travel-•, and the motorcycle is a favorite transportation tool covering the most income groups. At the same time, for the problem of anti-limit, Tsinghua Universi.