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[beef gelatin 200 bloom]Finance Weekly reporter□△: I want to ask Yang Weimin members=☆-. Hello Yang, Hello, the 19th National Report, Chinas economic development has turned from the stage of high-speed development stage. The main expected goal proposed in this years government work report▪▼□□, where GDP expected the goal of about 6•◁.5%. I would like to ask Yang Committee, in the economic high quality development stage▪▲☆, the central government needs to establish which policy systems☆▲, indicator systems, and assessment methods to guide the governments of all levels to take the “tightening” in the past, thus achieving economic high quality development? Thank you. Yang Weimin: General Secretary proposed to promote high-quality development in the Central Economic Work Conference last year▼▪●▽, plus a system, which is actually 6 + 1 policy system and system. First of all, it is necessary to study what is high quality development★◇, because y◆-△○?

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 28th Suggestion: Guizhou focuses on “one network•◁” effectiveness to make the company and the peoples work more convenient, Yue Wang into the government service hall◇▽-◆, brush the face○▽▷, and adjust the applicant electronic ID card Complete the relevant business .△○◁●.•◇.◁▪▷.△△. Today, in the Government Office at all levels of Guizhou, the application of digital scenes in government services is getting richer and more convenient and fast. In the government affairs hall of Baiyun District, Guiyang City▲▽▷, Li Mr. Li forgot to take a ID card△◇●, originally thought that it is unable to handle business. Who knows, with the help of the staff, he successfully handled its business with an electronic ID card. ▷•▪□”Electronic certificate is too convenient, save time=▪•, efficiency.” It is understood that Guizhou is current▪….

Original title■•■◁: (Foreign Affairs) Cai Qi Meetpin Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 16 (Reporter Zheng Mingda) Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China…◆, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee●▼•=, Cai Qi met with the general secretary Sha Ningwa Namibian group party delegation○☆. Cai Qi said that◁▽▽, shortly▷◇▲▲, President Xi Jinping and the President of Rago will increase the relationship between China University to a comprehensive strategic partnership, planning the grand blueprint of cooperation between the two parties▷▼…○. The Communist Party of China is willing to cooperate with the Party of the Nats, and give full play to the political leadership of the ruling party•☆…■, deepen the exchange of party construction and governing the country, and better transform the two party friendships into the powerful power of the state relationship sustainable and healthy development◁▪. Sha Ningwa said that the Natssen Party looks forward to consolidating the brothers-like friendship between the two parties-=, and hopes to understand and learn the concept of the Communist Party of China▪◇▪. (End) Responsible Edit•▷.

Original title○●◁■: The most old-level leaders reunited on March 14th-◇■▲, the fourth plenary meeting of the 13th Session of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People-□. Wang Yang was elected as Chairman of the 13th National Political Consultative Conference▪●, Zhang Qingli and other 24 vice chairs of the National Committee of China▲•. Among 24 people, Dr. Dong Jianhua▲◁, who was born in 1937, re-established the vice chairman of the National Committee of China=◁◆. ★○◆”Government” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) noted that he is also a top-growing one in the leaders of the party and national leaders▲…. According to the public information, Dong Jiahua, 81-year-old, Zhejiang Zhoushan, was born in Shanghai on May 29, 1937•=. He moved to Hong Kong at 10 years old. The company and family members have worked▷★○. 32 years old, retu▼★▽?Pure collagen.