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[unflavoured gelatin powder]Original title: The countrys first electricity organization in the sports venue will set up Xinhua News Agency on March 21st China Sports Vendor Association on the 21st news…●◇◁, at the 2017 annual meeting of the China Sports Vendor Association, the full ticket of the General Assembly passed the establishment Resolution of the Electronic Athletic Branch. The countrys first e-sports organization in sports venues will be established this year. At the annual meeting of China Sports Venue Association-…○, Zhangjiakou Chongli Tan Dance Ski Town, 200 member representatives from 24 provinces and districts from the country attended the meeting•☆. Zhang Lizeng, chairman of the China Sports Venue Association•●★△, deputy director of the Division of the State Sports, attended the General Assembly and delivered a speech•▪. The Secretary-General of the Association Feng Jinhu issued the annual summary report and deployed the 2018 job, the General Assembly considered the establishment of an e-sports branch, and obtain.

Original title: three questions, steel coal to production capacity, New Beijing newsletter (Reporter Lin Zi) March 5□-▷, 2018 150 million tons☆▪; this year will continue to break the invalid supply•=•◇, adhere to the method of marketing and legalization-•▼▪, strictly implement regulations▲◇☆, quality, safety, etc., resolve the remaining capacity, eliminate backward production capacity. According to the data released by the relevant national departments, the 2016 steel industry completed 65 million tons, 2017 completed the steel industry to produce more than 50 million tons, in 2017, in the first half of 2017, the country also removed 140 million ◁▪”floor steel” production capacity in the first half of 2017=••. In terms of coal, in 2016, the coal industry completed more than .

Original title: Seminan talks about the semi-peninsula: All parties should maintain the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office▲▪” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news, on May 7, the reporter asked: According to reports, the US Department of Foreign Agenmaster said that the United States recently said that North Korea has clarified that the non-nuclear will is the result of sanctions and stress in the “Boardian Declaration=▽▼”◇…▼. It will not relax the DPRK. On the occasion of the situation in the Peninsula, it is intentionally stimulating the other partys behavior to give the unpredictable dialogue atmosphere to pour cold water, so that the situation returns to the origin. What is Chinas comment? Shuang: Under the joint efforts of all parties, a series of positive changes in the Korean Peninsula in the Korean Peninsula are developed in the direction of the miserable direction▪…◁□. This situation is not easy, it is worth all to cheri…◇◆.

The hot review 丨 Perfect Selection Ordinance has successfully opened a new chapter of the good governance in Hong Kong on May 27, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council reviewed the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill” in 2021. This means that the Hong Kong election system has successfully completed the steps of local legislation. After signing the Chief Executive, it can be implemented. This is the moment of Hong Kong governance history, which is an exciting moment▽△-. All patriotic Hong Kong people seem to have been waiting for a long time▲•●▷. On March 11th▼-◆●, the National Peoples Congress has passed the Decision of Perfecting the Hong Kong SAR Electoral System. The Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress revised the Hong Kong Basic Law Annex I, Annex II, and then the SAR Government according to th.Pure collagen what is bovine collagen peptides atlantic gelatin,