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[proteins in food industry]Original title: ◇…”Give students to reduce” why affect the heart (the peoples comments), the proposed is a big question of an education reform, need more comprehensive=□…, integrated, systematic institutional system arrangements this years government work report▷▪▼, one Little things have attracted many parents concerned▽▽, that is▼■▪△, -=”focus on solving the classual burden of primary and secondary school students”▪◆○. The central economic work conference held at the end of last year, which will list this problem as non-competent “peoples livelihood”…▽★. Why is this ▽◇○”high level=▽” issue for primary and secondary school students? Shu Mountain is the sea, the hardship hard, the educational method of the chop▼-▼▲, is full of disease, in fact, the demand for reduction is also long. As early as 1955, the Ministry of Education issued the “instructions on reducing the excessive burden of primary and secondary schools”; 1990 ●○…◇”School hygie.

Original title: Squiki Ren, the deputy secretary of the Ordos Municipal Committee of Inner Mongolia, nominated the Mayors candidate on March 31, the municipal party committee convened the citys leading cadre conference, and announced the decision of the main leadership adjustment of the autonomous region on the main leadership of the Ordos City△◁▽. The party committee of the autonomous region decided: Comrade Sismi Rigo Ren Erdos Municipal Committee, Standing Committee-◆, Deputy Secretary, nominated the Mayor of Ordos City☆•. Comrade Gong Mingzhu no longer served as deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of Ordos, the registered member of the Commission==★, and nominated to the Mayor of Ordos. Siqin Bi Qiqin Qiqi▲◇, male•…△▼, Mongolian, born in December 1963, Inner Mongolia is a blue flag, November 1985•-▽, July 1986 participated in work◇◇○-, graduated from the grassland of Inner Mongolia Farming University, Graduate degree. 1!

Original title: Institutional advantage▲◆●: Welcome the key to the trade war (Wanghai Tower) ◁●☆=”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (July 16, 2018) 10 days ago, the United States provoked the Chinese trade war, China was forced to fight And the bottom is full. China is forced to fight, is an inevitable choice for safeguarding the rights of national and peoples sustainable development and maintaining the global multilateral trade mechanism. In addition to stood in morality, there is a key factor in the 40-year reform and opening up 40 years, a key factor is – China has a large-scale system advantage that has concentrated power, and organizational strength. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, ☆◇★”our greatest advantage is that my countrys socialist system can concentrate on doing a big event☆◆•.” It is because of this system advantage, once a major decision is forme.

Original title: Hong Kong media said that China and Japan jointly developed the worlds fastest suspension train…●: 500 km from March 7, 2018, the train travels near Chess Bay Station, Huanji, Huanji▪△••, Hainan□○. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu photographed news network April 27 report port media said that China promotes high-speed rail travel to the world seems to be warmed, and China is jointly developing a rapid speed up to 500 kilometers with Japan. It may become the fastest train in the world. According to the Hong Kong ◆△○■”Nanhua Morning Post” website, ▽=★”Chongqing Morning News” invokes the Professor Lai Yuguang, who participated in the development of Chongqing University of Technology, said that the first generation of high-speed pneumatic suspension trains, second generation style trial and real-heart trials have been in Japan. carry out. According to reports, the highest speed of such a train may reach flavored gelatin olly gelatin gelatine capsules size 4 gold!Pectin manufacturer bovine hide collagen peptides vs gelatin,