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Pure collagen protein drink industry stats lapi gelatine fish collagen peptide,[industrial protein extraction]Chinas new network on May 27th, at the afternoon of the 27th□◆, the Ministry of Justice deputy director of the Ministry of Justice said that in recent years, the judicial administrative organs have taken a lot of measures in combating illegal fund-raising cases of households. In the national notarization industry, in the case of households•△▷, this illegal violation is basically eliminated. At the meeting, there were reporters asked: In recent years, social attention has triggered the social attention◁-▼, we know that some of the criminals use the notary procedures to set the scam▪•▼, and many of them have also involved it. I will ask the Ministry of Justice to hit the room What work has been done in the pension scam, how to block vulnerabilities in the notarization program? The Bear Choose Respond to the raising old s…★.

[Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Guo Fang] The date date of the 71st World Health Assembly will be as close as close as close as close as close as close as close aspect…◁○, and Taiwan has not received the invitation•=★▪. Taiwan has received the invitation letter from the WHW Conference in 2009 to 2016. At the routine reporter meeting on the same day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, this said, due to the ○…”Nine-two Consensus” that the Democratic Government has so far, it has destroyed the political foundation of the World Health Conference in Taiwan•☆. This year▲▽, Taiwan has not received an invitation, and the responsibility is completely in the DPP authorities▪◇○☆. It is said that a Chinese principle is the general consensus of the international community○□•. Resolution 2758 of the United Nations General Assembly established a Chinese principle and provides a compliance with the WHO Treatment desk▼▼■◁. Year 20•◇▽•.

Original title: Hefei▪◆•▽, a village, now the “stealing dish” from where the old puzzle lives in Hefei Fengdong County, the villagers in Qiaoxin Town, the villagers reflected, there is a group of plum deer to appear in the village, but also steady Shandi crops. This matter has aroused a lot of departments (this newspaper has been exclusively reported). On the evening of March 1, I also broke into 5 plum deer. 4 jumped over the wall□☆, one of them could not be caught, and after the police, the Feidong County Forest Public Security Bureau rushed to live rescue. [Foruing Review] Meihua Luhang comes to “stealing dishes▽★” from where the mystery in several villages in Bridge South Village□…, Changle Community◁▷■, many villagers have seen the plumers○…. Especially the snow in the previous period, there may be no food in the woods, they ran to the village to steal rape, cabba.