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[china collagen tripeptide]Original title▼★: The third generation social security card is coming! One card in hand, walk through Shenzhou, enjoy 102 social security services•□•! Recently▷☆•, the pilot work of the third generation of social security cards was launched more. Hubei◆◆, Sichuan☆◇◆◇, Shanghai, Shandong and other pilots began using third-generation social security cards. It is understood that compared with the second generation of social security cards…=●▪, the third generation of social security card has added “a sway” non-contact function, which can greatly facilitate cardholder cards••=, so that the function of social security cards is more powerful, application scenario More widespread◁○□■. Launch the third-generation social security card pilot work September 1, 2017, my countrys first batch of third-generation social security cards were issued in the South South Hospital of Wuhan University, marking the direct settlement of my countrys cross-provincial medical treatment and hospitalization. On January 18, 2018, Sichuan Province Third Generation Social Securi pig gelatin high bloom!

Xinhua News Agency Abuja May 27th (Reporter Guo Jun) Nigeria Police said on the 27th, the number of shipwreck accidents killed by the shipwreck accident in the 26th of Niche●○◆▲, and 98 people were missing, and 26 were rescued. Nigerian Niger Police head said at the press conference held in Minga■▽▷, the capital of the state=▼-, and a ship with 150 people sinking on the Niger River on the morning of the Niger River on the morning-▪. At the time, the ship is from one from Niger. The village is a market to Kemibia□•. Rescue workers rescued 26 people and salvaged 26 peoples remains, and still searching for 98 missing staff. The police are investigating the cause of the accident. Previously, Nigeria Med!

Original title◇■: About housing prices◇◁□, air quality, sports reform, and ministers responded! This morning, after the seventh chance of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the fifth ○=”ministerial channel” opened. The person in charge of the 7 State Council of the Conference was held accepted by reporters. The ministers responded to what hot issues◆……■, we will help you organize fish collagen peptide benefits! The minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has been effectively inhibited in an effective inhibition of the housing prices. In the past year■▽, the real estate market will maintain smooth operation, and the housing prices have been effectively inhibited▷◁▽. The real estate market is expected to change▪☆●△. Keep the real estate market stable and healthy development, mainly include the following aspects: 1□-■▼. Adhere to the regulatory target is not shaken◇▪•◁, the strength does not relax, maintain the continuity of the policy, stability••…△; 2●▲▷◁. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supp About Us what is pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides protein purification industry jobs,!