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[gelatin to stop period review]Original title=☆: Hebei, a river hall△▲▼, 3 km “garbage belt”! In some places, “river long system▷…◆” is placed in order to improve the water governance system…□, safeguard water safety◇…◆▪, and many provinces in my country have fully implemented the river long system. However, recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector group went to the new music section of Dasha River Shijiazhuang, and the Dingzhou section was examined. He found that the river embankment is full of domestic garbage, industrial waste residue-◆, medical waste★▷-, etc▽■. Among them◁•▪, Dasha River Dingzhou section has formed a •◆▲”garbage belt” than about 3 kilometers. Looking at the video, according to the reporter, Hebei Province clearly requires the implementation of the river long system, the urban county and hometown three-level river head is responsible for the responsibility of the rivers and lakes▽★…☆. So, the river bank contamination is so serious, is responsible for the length of the river in the respective river? Sitting no matter what? Look at the video ↓↓, the river in the video emphasizes the difficulties of our work. Regulatory is difficult, governan.

Original title: First-tier cities need to deepen reform and opening up as long as they firmly confident, attack hard▷◇, take out the stones of the stones, will make Beijing better△●, let reform and opening up further. ▲ Beijing. Image Source: Visual Chinese Wen Editorial The Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Municipal Peoples Government issued on July 30th▪●△, “Beijings action plan on comprehensive deepening reform, expands to open an important initiative”•◁-□, including the construction of institutional mechanism and reform A total of 117 specific initiatives were proposed to optimize the business environment. The reform initiative coverage has a wide range of reform initiatives in Beijing, covering the institutional mechanism for promoting reduction and development, improving the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei consensus development system◇★•, deepens the reform of the scientific and technological and technological system, reform the business environment●=, and improve the urban and rural governance syst□▷.

Original title▲◇▪▲: 2018 National Two Sessions△▷★◁, Beijing Miyun District Party Secretary, Xia Linmao: Jianle Gao Paradise, Ecological Marathon opened the Beijing News News (Reporter Li Yukun Guo Chao) This year (March 8)☆▽◁□, in the 13th National National Shanglin◁•, the Secretary of the Peoples Congress, the Secretary of the Miyun District Committee•▼, said that the happiness industry is the direction in which the next step in the next step is to protect the basins of Miyun Reservoir and create a boutique tourism project-▼▪…. According to him, Miyun will Jianle Gao Paradise, and hold an ecological marathon, running on June 10 this year▷◆○. Xia Linmao said that many peoples impression of Miyun is far, but far is not a problem■★■◁. It takes two hours from Beijing to Gujing Town, but Gu Bei Shui Town receives 3 million last year. He revealed that, at present, Le Gao Paradise is talking to secret talk.

Original title: How much is tariff to buy imported cars? This years government work report pointed out that the import tariffs such as car, some daily consumer goods were lowered▼▽△. It is necessary to promote industry upgrades and trade balance developments in greater efforts to provide more choices for consumers……◁◁. In recent years, my country has reducing the import tariffs of some consumer goods. In 2017, the 187 imported products were lowered, and the average tax rate was reduced by 17.3% to 7.7%. Reduce consumer goods import tariffs, which is conducive to enriching domestic consumption options and guides domestic supply system transformation and upgrading. What should I drop in the next import tariff? What product areas will be specifically to? What impacts bring to domestic related companies? During the “two sessions”▪◇◁☆, the Beijing News launched the “economic policy” topic☆◆. Through deep interview, representatives▷…△, committe? ballistic gummy bear vegan collagenGelatin capsule pure gold eye mask collagen gelatine health,