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[capsule size 00 capacity]Original title◇=◁○: Three vessels carry more than 100 vessels in Phuket in Phuket, Thailand, have Chinese tourists on July 5, Thailand, at 17:45, in Phuket, due to storms, there is a turning accident. There are three ships that have three ships•▪▽, a passenger (including practicing diving), a passenger 30 people, a Russian husband and wife. The first 48 people saved, 42 people saved the second batch◇▲. The reporter also learned from the Consulate General in Songka that, on the afternoon of July 5, I got through the Thai police, and the two ships carrying Chinese tourists have turned their ships in Phuket Coral Island and Meitong Island. There are two ships■○. 133 tourists, Titai is fully searching for. After receiving the news, I immediately launched the emergency mechanism, mobilize the whole hall•☆▽, emergency contact Thai local government, the alarm and the nav.

Original title: The Ministry of Environment◆▪: It is restored to the Bohai bone gray, guarantees the Haihai Mass Sea Funeral Demand Ecological Environment Department Office of the Office of the Office of China [2018] No△•. 537 About the Restoration of the Bohai Chronicles Pouring Related Matters State Ocean Bureau North Sea Branch: According to the basis The State Council institutional reform plan▲◇••, the marine tilt management function has been transferred. In order to implement the people-centered development thoughts□◁○, ensure the requirements of the people of the Bohai Sea, and effectively implement the relevant requirements of “work” during the process of reform, and now the Bohai Yimei is in the Bohai Ashes during the reform transition, as follows●○◆•: First◇△, from now Restore the Bohai ash■=…-, please continue to do a good job in issuance of licenses in accordance with laws and regulations and “put” reform requirements. The reform of the organization is completed-▼, and the function is adjusted !

Original title○▽…▷: Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Enterprise Committee, etc△•◇□. Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission☆=○-, and the press and spokesperson Peng Huang, answered questions about China and foreign journalists on the ◆◆”state-owned enterprise reform and development▪□•”●••. China▲■◁▪.com live broadcast, please pay attention wholesale gelatin manufacturing what is bovine collagen peptides made from=▽○□ Pure collagen industrial protein company gelatin in vitamins halal!! Moderator▷…▲: Dear friends, everyone, good afternoon●…, welcome to participate in the 13th National Peoples Congress, a reporter meeting, the theme of this reporter will be the •▽”state-owned enterprise reform and development”-□●. Today, we are very happy to invite Xiao Yayu▲▼, director of the State-owned Asia-Astronautics and Ascension, the State-owned Assets▷●, and Mr▽■. Peng Huang▷••▼, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee, and answered the questions raised by this topi.

Original title▼•=: Dragon member: poverty alleviation☆▽△, the artist is responsible for the no loans, many people know that Jackie Chan is the “big brother” on the screen, but it may not know that he has been awarded a successful part of the National Committee of China. The two sessions of this year◇■▪…, the problem of working in Chenglong is to organize film and television artists to fulfill social welfare responsibility and participate in poverty alleviation. Dragon on the two sessions○◆◆•, unloaded the makeup before the camera, and he worked as a black-frame glasses as serious, cautious and pragmatic and pragmatic. Jackie Chan said that since the national report of the country, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again raised the poverty alleviation to the new strategic height in the 19th National Report of the Party. In 2018, it was the year of implementing the 19th National Spirit. It is a comprehensive completion of a well-off society in an all-round way, and the cruise of poverty, so that the population of poor areas will enter the countr.